Thought For The Day – Tuesday 4th July 2023

NHS 75

Tomorrow, 5th July, is the 75th birthday of the National Health Service. 

To mark this anniversary, there will be a special service at Westminster Abbey in London,  tea parties,  whilst buildings will light up in blue.

Initially proposed by economist and politician Lord William Beveridge in 1942, the National Health Service has cared for the health of all since 5th July 1948.

The aim of the National Health Service was to make health care inclusive, equitable, equal and lifelong.

It was, and is, truly groundbreaking.

We pay massive tribute to the National Health Service, for all the care and for all the service.

Thank you to all who work and serve in all aspects of mental and physical health, wellbeing and social care.

Thank you to all who work in hospitals and hospices, in care homes, in surgeries and in pharmacies.

Thank you to all doctors, dentists, nurses,  administrators, ambulance staff,  carers, counsellors, first aiders and first responders, hospital and surgery staff, paramedics,  physiotherapists,  researchers, scientists, surgeons, vaccinators and volunteers.