Thought For The Day – Thursday 13th July 2023

New Beginnings

Today we warmly welcome the Year 6 students who will become our new Year 7 students next academic year. 

They leave platform 9¾ to join, and enhance,  TBSHS. 

Think back to your first moments at TBSHS and how it felt to join a new and physically bigger school. A combination of looking forward, curiosity, excitement, nerves and anxiety.

In many ways, whether we are a student or member of staff, we should never lose healthy versions of the above emotions, which we experienced on our first day at TBSHS.  Familiarity does not lead to complacency.  We humbly keep caring, learning, listening,  doing the right thing, showing respect and looking after others and ourselves.

Please ensure you help our new students and set an excellent example with how you treat each other and the school environment.

We wish the Head of Year 7, Ms. Pratt, her tutor team and all the new Year 7 students and parents every success.

We take this moment to thank all who work in primary education.  We know that primary education comes first by definition, and builds the wonderful foundations for us here in secondary education. We are nothing without primary education.

New beginnings happen every year, every week and every day.