Thought for the Day 16th October

World Food Day.

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Thought For The Day – 16th October – Thank you for everything in Week 7. Have a restful weekend.  

Make sure you are bringing in wipes to wipe down and clean your desk before and after your lesson. Stewardship.

TBSHS Interact  Important C19 Awareness. Black and Gold Spirit always.

  • Think of others inside and outside of school. Test and isolate if symtoms.
  • Be positive, patient, responsible, resilient, respectful, humble and kind.
  • Sanitise, keep space, cover face. Wipe down your desk. Do not touch your face. Open windows in rooms.
  • Health comes first.
  • Still stay safe, study and say if you need support.

Our thoughts are with the NHS and those suffering.                                                                                                    

This is the country’s biggest challenge for a generation. Keep going. Thank you.

Today is World Food Day.  We are very grateful to all caterers at school (heroes, they start making your food at 6am every day and feed 100s of students and staff) and all those that provide food for us, whether that be family at home, delivery drivers or shop workers. We thank all who have, and all who do, put food on our table.  We think about those in the world, including in our country, who will go hungry today, especially in these times of the coronavirus pandemic. We must build The Good Society.  Marcus Rashford MBE is now leading a campaign for vouchers for free school meals over Christmas. Interact will shortly be safely collecting food and items for our local food bank and we encourage all who can in the school community to help us. We will publish a list of items and the project will be safe.  

Being a good role model in the wider community is important.  It is comparatively more straightforward to behave in class when the direct spotlight is on, when there is an important job to do there and then. However, away from the classroom, around school and in the community,  on-line and off-line, is when you have to show real and deep integrity and honesty, when you must follow the law and do the right thing. Mr. Reeve mentioned the importance of student community responsibility to teachers earlier this week.  Remember those Year 11s last academic year who helped an elderly person, and their family,  in Bishop’s Stortford, without anyone knowing and without expecting any reward or recognition. Iconic. Inspirational. Legendary.  That’s citizenship.

Never do anything that would not make your family, your friends, your school and, most importantly, yourself proud. And, if you make a mistake, or need support, let someone know. 

As I went to a supermarket the other day, I saw an elderly person getting their shopping on their own and felt a deep responsibility to do things safely for that person, their family and everyone in the same position. Hands. Face. Space.  

On Monday morning, LeBron James won his fourth NBA Championship for the LA Lakers (in honour of the late great Kobe Bryant, pictured below). LeBron and his team showed brilliant focus and patience in the safe NBA basketball bubble.   In advance, LeBron spoke about the importance of what happens “off the basketball floor.” LeBron stands up for good in society and, for example,  funds and inspires a school in his neighbourhood. Before the Lakers’ victory, LeBron said: 

"I don’t live my life thinking about legacy. What I do “off the floor” is more important to me than what I do “on the floor.”  The game of basketball will pass me by. There will be a new group of young kids and vets and rookies throughout the course of this game. So, I can’t worry about that as far as “on the floor.”  How I move, how I walk, what I preach, what I talk about, how I inspire the next generation is what matters to me the most. If you appreciate my game, cool. If you don’t, that’s cool too."

What do you do “off the floor”, away from the classroom, away from the school, on-line and off-line?

Below: Two basketball greats: A tribute mural to Kobe and his daughter Gianna.