Thought For The Day 15th October

Date published: Thu 15 Oct 2020   Author: HLH/SGE   Category: News   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

Thought For The Day – 15th October

TBSHS C19 Awareness - Thank you very much for all you are doing. Black and Gold Spirit always. Let’s go.

  • Think of others inside and outside of school. Test if symtoms.
  • Be positive, patient, responsible, resilient, respectful, humble and kind.
  • Sanitise, keep space, cover face.
  • Health comes first.
  • Still stay safe, study and say if you need support. 


Our thoughts are with the NHS and those suffering.

Black and Gold Spirit - Team work makes for dream work:   We celebrate the positive moments and good times to keep us going. Many, many congratulations to the students and staff of the Year 10 football team.  They are National Champions for Year 10 football for boys after their victory yesterday.  The best in the country. The team showed resilience in the semi-final and nerveless control in the final. They are a great example of what Mr. Griffiths was memorably talking about in assembly this week -  leadership, collaboration and teamwork.  They also showed wider community as students watched and supported them on-line.  For example, some Year 8 students were using their data to watch safely as they waited safely for their bus. Be inspired by them in what you do.  Another great success for TBSHS Sport which achieves so much in so many areas. Champions in any area stay humble, keep their feet on the ground, keep working and use their platform to help and encourage others.  Savour the positive moments and memories of life, help others and move on to the next project.  Back to the very important GCSEs and lessons.  Make memories. AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS STILL STAY SAFE.

Student leadership: Watch and re-live the final again and again: