Thought for the Day, 29th June

Dame Deborah James

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Thought For The Day – Wednesday 29th June 2022

Dame Deborah James

Wonderful tributes have been paid to Dame Deborah James.  Dame Deborah passed away from bowel cancer.  Dame Deborah was forty years of age.

Dame Deborah James, wife, daughter, sister,  mother and a former Deputy Headteacher, was a presenter of the ground-breaking BBC podcast, "You, Me and the Big C“.  The also inspirational and brilliant Rachel Bland, a co-presenter of the podcast, passed away from cancer in 2018.  

As the Prime Minister stated yesterday, by raising awareness and talking about cancer,  which Dame Deborah was diagnosed with in 2016, Dame Deborah saved many, many lives and helped so many going through the most challenging of times.  Dame Deborah also encouraged people with unusual and concerning symptoms to get checked medically.  Health is invaluable beyond words, though the £6.8 million raised for cancer charity by Dame Deborah massively helped others.  Deborah James was made a Dame by the Queen recently. 

There is no one right way to deal with challenging situations in life. Some people are very private, with their family. Other people are very, very concerned and receive support. Others try, where they can, to keep a "normal life“, speak out and raise general awareness.   

Many challenges are resolved but some tragically cannot be,  though all challenges are met by everyone for everyone going through massive challenges shows the greatest resilience. Empathy and compassion is key for those that suffer should always be supported.  Good and wonderful people leave a positive and inspirational legacy. Those we love are always, always with us every single step of the way.

One of Dame Deborah’s final podcast messages was:  “We’ll see each other again somewhere, somehow, dancing.”

Dame Deborah James: Cancer campaigner dies of cancer aged 40