Thought for the Day, 23rd September

Culture and Values

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Thought For The Day - Thursday September 23rd 2021

Culture and Values

Thank you to Mr. Alexander and all Modern Foreign Languages staff for the different linguistic dates supplied throughout this Languages Week.  They have greatly broadened our horizons.

Why are languages important?   The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote that language communicates a “form of life”.  The language we use expresses our culture and values. It is important, respectful, interesting, exciting, engaging and empowering to communicate in other languages.  Languages for life.

One person who studied languages at A-Level, as well as English Literature and Geography at A-Level, was our former student and now broadcaster, author and charity fundraiser Greg James.  We wish him well with his latest book, co-authored with Chris Smith, published last week. It is about positive dreams,  dedicated to all teachers and was written in the challenging times last year.    

This evening, TBSHS will be safely communicating our culture and values, and our dreams,  to those in the community inclusively invited for our Open Evening for prospective Year 7 students and parents next year.  This event has been meticulously organized, as ever, by Mr. Reeve, the Senior Leadership Team, Governors and Heads of Year. Every member of staff in the school is playing their part in diligent and dedicated preparation and engaging delivery.  Thank you to those students who are safely helping tonight.   Stay safe, be smart, speak well, safely welcome and engage our guests and positively communicate our, and your, “Black and Gold” culture and values. Culture and values that will be further seen in House Rugby on Saturday and when you as students study, read, reflect, rest and look after others and yourself on Inset Day and beyond. 

The Black and Gold Spirit.

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