Debating Summer Term Update

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Debating – Summer  Term Update

The exploits of our very successful Year 12 debaters have been closely followed by the members of the debating club run by Mrs Sara Mihajlovic at Windhill21 Primary School.  After finishing national runners up in the ESU Mace competition, Finn Lihoreau, William Worthy & Elliot Wood took part in an online Q & A session that earned them even more of a ‘fan following’ among the Year 6 students. Consequently, Mrs Mihajlovic invited us to put on a model debate at their school.

Unfortunately, Will & Finn had other commitments but Elliot, accompanied by Leyla Bubb, opposed the introduction of compulsory parenting classes, proposed by Max O’Reilly and last-minute stand-in Mr Fraser.  

The result of a lively debate was a draw, with equal numbers of votes for the arguments put forward by each side. The event was greatly appreciated by the audience, who asked the speakers some very searching questions.

Mrs Mihajlovic commented “The speakers were so eloquent and demonstrated both passion and flair, modelling at an appropriate level for the children and taking an endless supply of questions with grace. The debate truly inspired a new generation of public speakers in Year 6, and they were over the moon to have been given such an opportunity. I must also pass on that the parents of the children have messaged and emailed me to say how their children came home so enthused and speaking so highly of TBSHS”.   

For Sixth Form Induction, four of our Year 11 students put on a very impressive and closely fought debate about the relevance of emotion in debating, which attracted a pleasing number of online watchers. The speakers were Eric Queeney, as a member of the national development squad, Rohan Rana, Georgi Petkov & Toby Ford.

Toby and Rohan were also winners of Mr Patterson’s Middle School debating competition for teams from Years 9-11. Opposing ‘This House believes that Honesty is the Best Policy’, they narrowly defeated Alex Banhidai and Henry Davis in an excellent, hard-fought debate.

  Since half term, Year 8 have been reintroduced to debating. Four Year 10 students – Oliver Worthy, Luca Ollandini, Alex Banhidai and Henry Davis – showed them how it’s done by debating ‘This House would bring back Capital Punishment’. This was followed by a debating workshop delivered by Mr Fraser and Mr Patterson which finished with James Frans and Barnaby Nicholson proposing the motion ‘This House would abolish the British Monarchy’. J J Sathan and Elliot Lavergne spoke in opposition and were proclaimed the winners.

Mr Fraser and Mr Patterson would like to thank all those debaters who have ‘stuck at it’ this year and we look forward to a more ‘real’ experience in the autumn.


Thursday 28 October 2021

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