Rosemary Jones

Former Governor and Former Chair of Governors, passes away

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The Bishop’s Stortford High School were very saddened to be informed of the passing of Rosemary Jones last Friday.

Rosemary Jones was a truly wonderful  person and was absolutely vital to the great and superb success of The Bishop's Stortford High School as a former Governor and former Chair of Governors. 

Without Rosemary Jones’ contribution,  the school would not be what it was, and is, today. 

Rosemary gave so many fine opportunities to so very many students, staff and therefore parents. 

Rosemary’s legacy at the school was further seen in her sons, Alasdair and Douglas, and grandson Oliver, who were the very best leaders in the school and beyond.

Rosemary Jones’ vital contribution illustrates the tremendous an transformative importance of the role of school governor and good governance.  We take this opportunity to thank school governors past and present.

We are very much thinking of Rosemary Jones and her family at this time and remember Rosemary Jones’ outstanding contribution.


Tributes to Rosemary Jones

TBSHS Governors past and present were very sad to learn of the passing of Rosemary Jones, a former Chairman of the Governing Body during the 1990s. Sincere condolences are offered to her family at this difficult time.

As Chairman, Rosemary played such an important role in establishing TBSHS as the school we know today.

Rosemary was hugely respected by the school community and beyond. We are very grateful for her outstanding contribution and her legacy.
Alan Fordham, Chairman of the Governors, TBSHS
Phil Godfrey, Vice Chairman of the Governors, TBSHS
The Bishop’s Stortford High School has a proud reputation for being a traditional school with strong values and, although we have continued to evolve over the decades, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Rosemary Jones for all that she did as Chair of Governors, working alongside the Headmaster, Ian Shaw, to set the school on the right path. She was clearly a highly influential leader and has left a lasting legacy that generations of students continue to benefit from today. We are all saddened by Rosemary’s passing and our thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.
Dale Reeve, Headmaster

This is devastating news, I had no idea she was ill. Please do send my sincere condolences to the family - she wholeheartedly supported Ian and the staff transform the school in the 90’s. Her involvement was well respected by the whole school community throughout her tenureship and beyond. She will be sorely missed.

All the best to you all at the School.

Sincere regards,

Paul Noble, Former Deputy Headmaster

I am so sorry to hear of Rosemary's passing. She will be sorely missed by many and of course myself, on Ian's behalf, too.  Rosemary was a joy in so many spheres, her faith, family, friends, colleagues, sporting circles and her all-round relish for life. Please let me know when the funeral occurs so I can specially think then, of herself and her lovely family.

Barbara Shaw,  former member of staff and wife of Headmaster Ian Shaw

I first met Rosemary Jones when I heard her inspiring presentation at the TBSHS Open Evening, prior to my son arriving at the School in 1993. My daughter also joined the Sixth form in that year. I was fortunate to become a Governor shortly afterwards. I quickly became aware of Rosemary`s outstanding qualities as Chairman of Governors and her vital role in supporting Ian Shaw in the transformation of TBSHS from an average secondary school to the successful and over-subscribed GM school which it had then become.

That transformation required some difficult and sometimes controversial decisions about the management and resourcing of the School. The role of the Governing Body and its leadership by Rosemary was vital. She was a consummate professional and used her business and personal skills to get the best out of a group of Governors with a variety of backgrounds. She also managed the relationship with the charismatic Ian Shaw with continuing success. I know that he valued her contribution highly. She was happy to be called the Chairman of Governors: she said to me that the Chairman did not have to be a man, and she did not want to be referred to as a chair, which was just a piece of furniture.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to serve as a Governor under Rosemary`s leadership until she decided to step down after Ian Shaw`s retirement and the appointment of his successor.

We became friends outside the school environment and remained so until her sad passing. My thoughts are with Alasdair and Douglas at this sad time.

Michael Billing
Governor and latterly Vice-Chairman of Governors 1993-2003