Academic: Year 10 Work Experience 2021

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July 2021 – Work Experience Update

Information on Voluntary Work Experience Programme with UniFrog + alternative options

Thank you to all those students who responded to the UnifFrog survey monkey.

You now have access to the platform and have been sent log-ins plus an invitation to create a memorable password (do check your junk/spam IN box too as they sometimes fall in there).

If you signed up but don’t have a log-in, visit and click on 'Forgotten your password'.

This will get a reset password email sent out and allow you to create a password and get logged in. 

What is Unifrog?

Unifrog is the complete destinations platform – a one-stop-shop for students across all year groups regardless of their interests or academic ability. Students can compare universities with apprenticeships as well as access labour market information, careers advice and a huge range of resources.

Unifrog Resources in General:

Explore the platform especially the Careers Library – and try the Personality Quiz.

If you know already that you’d like to study at university, have a look at the requirements at individual establishments for courses; this will give you an idea of what subjects to take and grades to aim for at A Level/BTEC in Year 13/College.

If you’re interested in apprenticeships, take a look at the different sorts and who offers them.  Again, this will give you an idea of subjects and grades to aim for in Year 13/College – they are extremely competitive so good grades are essential!

Suggested Options:

Option 1 – Arrange Your Own Personal Voluntary Work Experience Programme

Once it is safe to do so, through personal and/or private contacts, you may be able to secure a private placement which must take place during school holidays.

When arranging any private placements, it will be informal and voluntary and without the support of our partner organisation, Youth Connexions.  Therefore, I would like to share some extremely important considerations: 

Please ensure:

1.       The proposed employer holds Employers Liability Insurance

2.       The proposed employer holds Public Liability Insurance

3.       Students must not spend time with a Sole Trader

Option 2 – Participate In School Voluntary Virtual Work Experience Programme with Unifrog

In partnership with Unifrog, the school can offer students a programme that proved very successful last year; it can be combined with shadowing parents/carers who may currently be working from home. The offering is split into four parts; here is a brief overview:                                                                                                                  

Part 1                          Task 1 is to interview family member about their job, gather and write up the information.

                                    Task 2 is to search the Unifrog Careers Library and find the role, and match answers.

Part 2                          Task 1 is to practice interview skills by first reading the guides within the Know-How

                                     Task 2 is to ask parent/carer/sibling to role-play for an interview.

Part 3                          Task 1 is to complete work experience via the Unifrog Activities and Competencies tools.

                                    Task 2 is to explore competencies via Unifrog.

Part 4                          Task 1 is to explore how to research future work experience opportunities.

                                    Task 2 is how to use the Apprenticeship tool to research industries that interest you.

Extension                    Task is how to research possible placements & contact employers

Please find below the worksheets; Sessions 1,2 3, 4 & Extension but do make sure you have explored the platform first so that you know where to go for the resources mentioned.

Work through the sessions during the holidays.

If/when recording activities, please do so in the ‘Locker’.

Please let me know if you completed the Programme and how you found it.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the worksheets!

Option 3 – Find Your Own Voluntary Virtual Work Experience Programme

As you know, there are many opportunities advertised weekly in the Careers News section of the Parent Bulletin and many take place during the holidays.  It might be worth looking at the current and previous editions to see if there are any of interest and do your own research in case you can find your own virtual programme on the internet.  Do check the closing dates when registering.

By participating in the programme, students can inform future employers that they were proactive in undertaking work experience voluntarily during an extremely challenging situation. Any future employer reading the information on a CV, is likely to be extremely impressed with any initiative shown by students and demonstrates pro-activeness, resourcefulness & resilience.