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Sixth Form: Further Mathematics

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Further Mathematics


Course Title


Subject Leader

MEI Further Mathematics (H645)


Mr B Boxall





Course Information

Assessment Outline

At the end of the 2 year course, you will sit 3 papers:

One 2 hour 40 min paper testing Pure Mathematics

One 2 hour 15 min paper testing the ‘Major’ option (Mechanics)

One 1 hour 15 min paper testing the ‘Minor’ option (to be decided)

Throughout the course, there will be tests to check your progress and ensure that you are on track. There will be a test during the first week or so (following up the Bridging Unit), a test near to half term, a test in January and then a test at the end of the first year.

Assessment Objectives

Use and apply standard techniques (50%)

Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically (23?%)

Solve problems within mathematics and in other contexts (26?%)

Specific information about content can be found in the syllabus linked here.

Key Skills in this task

Proof, Algebraic Manipulation

Bridging Task

Task Outline

This task is designed to be solved using GCSE subject knowledge, but to stretch your skills beyond that expected at GCSE level.

Please answer all of the first two sheets, and as much of the thirds sheet as you can.

The task is available here:


Marking Criteria / Assessment Method

This will be marked in class during the first week back, as such it is expected that it is complete before you return to school.

Associated Documents
PDF Document Further Mathematics Bridging Unit 2019

Further Mathematics Bridging Unit 2019

PDF link: