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Sixth Form: BTEC Science

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Bridging work BTEC applied science – Level 3



As part of your BTEC level 3 qualification you will be completing coursework and also sitting an external exam assessing you on some of the key concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each Science subject will build on knowledge from your GCSE work and develop these concepts further relating them to use in industry and everyday life.

In order to best prepare you for September we would like you to undertake a few tasks for us to get to know you and for you to do some ground work on a couple of topics we will cover in Unit 1 Principles and Applications of Science.  In addition to the unit 1 work we would also like you to complete some coursework that will be submitted to the exam board as part of unit 2. All work must be completed by September 1st 2017 and brought to your first BTEC lesson.

For unit 1 you will be producing 3 posters, 1 for each of biology, chemistry and physics, to cover criteria set out below. It is up to you whether it is handwritten, done electronically or a mixture of both. There is no minimum / maximum size for the poster but the best pieces will be displayed in the BTEC classrooms for reference so ideally the larger, the better. The information you use must be clearly referenced using at least 3 different sources and be your own work e.g. not plagiarised.

Your work will be assessed and judged to be in the following categories; pass, borderline or fail. In order to pass your GCSE to BTEC bridging assignment you must meet all parts of the criteria outlined below for each subject.

For the unit 2 work you will be producing a summary of the practical skills that you have acquired during your GCSE science studies.


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PDF Document Bridging Unit BTEC applied science – Level 3

Bridging Unit BTEC applied science – Level 3

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