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Sixth Form: German

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Welcome to A Level German at The Bishop’s Stortford High School!



Course Title


Subject Leader

Edexcel German

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr W Alexander





Course Information

Assessment Outline

In A level German, you will study a variety of topics, rooted in Germany / German-speaking culture, as well as one film (Year 12) and one piece of literature (Year 13). Topics include:

Theme 1 (Year 12)

Theme 2 (Year 12)

Theme 3 (Year 13)

Theme 4 (Year 13)

Environment; education; world of work

Music; media; festivals and traditions

Immigration; integration; racism

Life in the GDR; Reunification; Eastern Germany today


Throughout the course you will acquire a variety of skills, such as research, summary, textual analysis and presentation.

At the end of Year 13, you will sit three examinations:

Paper 1: Listening, reading and translation into English (Themes 1 – 4)

Paper 2: Written response to film and literary work and translation into German

Paper 3: Speaking (Themes 1 – 4; Independent Research Project)

Assessment Objectives

AO1     Understand and respond in speech and writing to spoken language

AO2     Understand and respond in speech and writing to written language

AO3     Manipulate the language accurately, in spoken and written forms, using a range of lexis and structure

AO4     Show knowledge and understanding of, and respond critically and analytically, to different aspects of the culture and society of countries/communities where the language is spoken

Key Skills in this task

There are several tasks which will develop grammar, comprehension and summary skills as well as translation into English.

Bridging Task

Task Outline

The tasks can be found at the following link:


Marking Criteria / Assessment Method

Your subject teachers will assess the work submitted at the second week of September.