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Sixth Form: Model United Nations - MUN

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Model United Nations (MUN) is a society where issues mirroring those at the United Nations are discussed. Each person is known as a delegate and they are given a country to represent. The delegate then has to convey their country’s viewpoint on a topic and try and create a resolution to the problem that is being discussed. It is a fun and friendly form of debating and our society encourages people to get involved. 

What is StortMUN?
StortMUN is a Model United Nations conference run by The Bishop's Stortford High School, in which students from around the world simulate the work of the United Nations and join together to find solutions to some of the most pressing issues taxing the world today. Each student represents the government of a country on one of 5 diverse committees, each attempting to tackle their own set of issues through diplomatic debate and discussion.
STORTMUN2019 is currently being planned for April 2019. Check back regularly for the latest updates.
TBSHS held its 8th Model United Nations on Saturday the 3rd of February 2018. It was led by our student Secretary General and Deputies. The theme for the day was ‘Diplomatic relations in East Asia’ focusing issues such as the nuclear missile threat from North Korea and ‘Missing Girl’ problem in India and China. There were four committees held in the morning session debating and submitting resolutions which were then carried forward to the afternoon’s General Assembly session. We were pleased to welcome our regular participants Hockerill Anglo European School and the Queen’s College, Majorca (led by former TBSHS teacher John Perry). We also saw superb attendance from Year 11 students including student Boyd Dunster’s fabulous role play of the Russian Federation.
StortMUN 2016
Russia, Friend or Foe?

This year's theme was "Russia, Friend of Foe?". This theme relates to the recent actions of Russia, both in Crimea and in Syria.
Highly relevant in all committees, delegates were encouraged to consider their country's position on this theme - can Russia still be considered an ally of the West?

At the conference were people from the local schools Hockerill and KEGS,  plus further afield. For StortMUN 2016 there were two foreign schools present, from Spain and the Netherlands. The overall topic for the conference was “Russia Friend or Foe?” 

TBSHS organises and hosts a conference every year, StortMUN, in 2015 it was held on Saturday 7th November. At the conference there are people from the local schools (Hockerill and KEGS) and further a field. For StortMUN 2015 there were two foreign schools present, from Spain and the Netherlands. The overall topic for the conference was “The Crisis in the Middle East”. 

This was very successful and there were 80 delegates present representing many different countries from the United Kingdom to Eritrea. There were over 40 students from TBSHS involved in the day whether it was organising the day or participating. All the students learnt a lot about the processes and the practices of the UN as well as many different countries approaches to international and global affairs.

Mr Solomons the MUN Director, here at TBSHS, said that “The conference was very successful thanks to the team. They were well organised and allowed for fruitful debate with a range of selected topics around the theme of the Middle East. The 8th StortMUN was the most successful session so far and we hope the trend continues each year.”

A former student Harrison Costi who was previously involved in StortMUN came back to help with food and administration on the day so a huge thanks must go to him. Harrison’s return shows the long lasting impact and effect that Model United Nations has on people and the experiences stay with one for life.

There were also currently two trips to the Netherlands for MUN, these are over three days and are very insightful.  We attend the LMUNA conference in early October and HMUN in March. We are always looking for more opportunities to participate in MUN conferences as we feel they are the most beneficial part of MUN. On the trips you meet many new people and can make many friends, not only from other countries but TBSHS too.  

Secretary General 2016: Phoebe Price 
Deputy Secretary Generals: Adam Cawthray Stern and Eli Haines



Model United Nations  - MUN

Here at TBSHS we participate in the Model United Nations programme and with several other local schools have organised the highly successful student led Model United Nations Conference.

Students have attended from Notley High Braintree, KEGS Chelmsford and Bedford Girls School as well as our partner schools in Holland.



The school’s annual MUN conference was held on the 8th November with students from 7 different  schools across the Hertfordshire region such as Herts and Essex, Birchwood and KEGS. We also had 14 international students coming from Spain and Holland respectively, overall 120 students  took part and this was the largest MUN conference the school has held. The main theme of this MUN conference was Ikusasa Africa and the future of Africa in Zulu.

TBSHS’s own Secretary-General Bella Cooper was the key force behind organizing the conference, contacting schools about the conference and producing research reports. Deputy Secretary General Harrison Costi was in charge of the admin side of the conference, MUN director  Mr Darren Solomons had this to say about all their hard work; “The organisation of the day was  key to the success. It involved Bella and Harrison performing a wide range of tasks from printing  ID tags to making lunch for delegates. They did a fantastic job and organising the conference”

A further thanks must go to our two Dutch Students, Roos and Yara who came over to chair the conference for us and they were tremendous. Overall the conference was a success and we hope  that next year we can welcome more students from over schools across the local area and around  the world. The next MUN conference for the school to attend will be in March 2015, where a group  of students will travel to Haarlem in Holland for 3 days.

By: Harrison Costi


Model United Nations Conference, Holland,  November 2014

Please see our slideshow of photos taken during our MUN conference in Holland



StortMUN 2013 Hosted by High School

Model United Nations Conference

On Saturday 16th November, The Bishop’s Stortford High School hosted the third annual, student-run Model United Nations conference: StortMUN 2013.

Model United Nations, or MUN, seeks to replicate the real United Nations by having school students come together to hold mock conferences which discuss real-world issues. At such conferences, students form teams (delegations) which represent certain countries. Students take on the role of a delegate and sit in a particular UN committee, trying to negotiate resolutions on pre-disclosed issues by speaking and arguing from the viewpoint of the country they are representing.

At StortMUN this year, the conference is based around the theme of ‘Peace in the Middle’, and saw students debating a wide range of important issues concerning global sustainability.

Approximately 100 students from years 8 -13 took part in the conference from four schools in the region; The Bishop’s Stortford High School, Hockerill College, Birchwood High School, and the King Edward VI Grammar School. Furthermore, students from an additional fifth school from Arnhem in Holland, Arnhem International School, helped chair the debates bringing a truly international edge to proceedings.

StortMUN 2013’s Secretary-General, student Edward Tomlinson-Morrell, said

“I’m very proud to have organised an event such as StortMUN in our town, not only because it engenders awareness about what is happening in the world, but because it gives students from across the area the chance to develop key vocational skills that will prove valuable when they leave school.”

Darren Solomans, Subject Leader Government and Politics, said “The School is delighted to host the Model United Nations Conference, once again.

For our students in Bishop’s Stortford and our partner school in Holland, the experience is thought provoking. The United Nations representatives need to share intelligence, integrity, humility and humour and the conference is a fine example for our students of the challenges of international relationships.”