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Sixth Form: Medical Society

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The TBSHS Medical Society


The Medical Society has been off to a great start this year. Having covered current affairs in the world of medicine such as The Junior Doctor Contract, Pressures in Primary Care and reviewing recent discoveries within medicine and biological sciences, MedSoc aims to educate those interested in Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy and other healthcare related courses. Talks from successful ex-students such as Henry Stuart-Turner, now a University of Cambridge medic, about their experiences applying to medicine, recreating clinical scenarios for more proactive sessions, and discussing UCAS application and tips for entrance exams, interviews etc. makes MedSoc a sociable but educational experience, which has been useful for many gone down such paths. Cultivating a passion for people’s chosen courses and keeping them motivated throughout the challenges of Sixth Form is something we as a society take pride in. If you’re interested in such careers, do come along! We hope to see you there!

Arushi Shukla                                                                                                                                           
TBSHS Medical Society 2018-19



This year MedSoc will continue to be a hub for prospective medics and will enable them to get the direct contact and support they need to achieve their career aspirations. The medical society will be offering:

  • Key UCAS guidance and timelines to ensure all students are on track for having a competitive application by the deadline.
  • Crash courses on relevant topics (e.g. NHS values, Junior doctor contracts and entrance exams) which will be vital for the application process.
  • Mock MMI and traditional interviews.
  • Visits to the Hunterian Museum and surgical workshops
  • Current affairs catch-up, keeping our students up to date on the latest medical news
  • Specialist talks on dentistry and veterinary medicine.
  • Debates on medical ethics.
  • Seminars from alumni.
  • Q&A sessions with previous successful applicants.
  • First Aid Skills workshops.
Sameed Shariq
Medical Society 2017-2018
MedSoc has been going from strength to strength this year, having hosted several external guests such as ex-students William Ashley-Fenn and Henry Stuart-Turner, both of whom are currently reading Medicine at the University of Cambridge.  2017 marked the first year where TBSHS MedSoc has run a joint mock interview day with Herts and Essex High School, a hugely successful event that we hope to carry on in following years.   
TBSHS MedSoc is known for its engaging discussions and stimulating debates on the most recent medical developments and news, with topics such as 'Evidence Based Medicine: A movement in crisis?' and 'The Ageing Population Dilemma' bringing forth passionate responses from our members. Our MedSoc is a supportive and enjoyable place to spend your Monday lunch so if you're free please come down, we always love to welcome new faces!
Sameed Shariq                                                                    Medsoc leadership team taking their Hippocratic Oath
January 2018                                                                                        


Medical Society holds weekly meetings for prospective medics, vets, dentists, nurses and any other medical based profession. Recent medical news is often the topic of the meetings, with members of the society getting the opportunity to present stories they have found. It is a good way to keep up to date with what is going on in the medical world, which is especially important for university interviews, but for general interest also. We also hold quizzes on current medical affairs. Ethical conversations often arise from news stories, which are an important part of healthcare and medicine and sparks debate amongst members.

We also discuss entry requirements and admissions test to try and be best prepared for the future. MedSoc is a great way to show an active interest in entering the medical field and it is beneficial to come together with people who have similar aspirations for their futures.

Henry Sturart-Turner and Robert Avontuur
TBSHS MedSoc 2016-17


TBSHS Students currently at university studying Medcine

Successful Medics 2018 - Oliver Hougham (2017 Leaver, September 2018 place now confirmed, ) Good Luck!

Successful Medics 2017 - Sikander Khan, Rob Avontur, Henry Stuart-Turner, Arindu Suresh and Josh Weight

Successful Medics 2016 -  Sophie Thorp started at university October 2016 reading medicine. Good Luck!

Successful Medics 2015 - Nikki Stanley, William Ashley-Fenn, Zain Butt, Jack Clarke, Owen Mitchell and Jack Tulloch all started at university October 2015 reading medicine. Good Luck!

Successful Medics 2014 -  Vignesh Shakar Babu started at university reading medicine and Dan Crocker started at university reading dentistry in October 2014 . Good Luck!

Successful Medics 2013 - Naim Rahman - Good Luck!


What we do in Medsoc

  • Our weekly sessions on Monday lunchtimes are regularly attended by keen members with aspirations in Medicine, Nursing,  Dentistry, Vetinary or biomedicine
  • Important medical news from the week is discussed
  • Every week, a member will research and present on a topic relevant to the termly theme – in this past, this has included degenerative disease, medical technology and cancers
  • We hold a Current Affairs and Medical Science Quiz competition across the term
  • Ethical questions are debated for example:
  • What are the practical and ethical implications of induced pluripotent stem  (IPS) cells?
  • What is the importance of informed consent?


Why should you join Medsoc?

  • To explore the fascinating and rapidly evolving fields of biomedicine and healthcare
  • Take the opportunity to discuss important ethical and scientific topics, such as epigenetics, stem cell research and e-cigarettes
  • To attend regular lectures in Cambridge, London or within school; previously these have included talks on Cardiothoracic Surgery, Epigenetics, Emergency Medicine and Developmental Biology (from 2012 Nobel Laureate Professor John Gurdon)
  • Receive expert advice from quest speakers and alumni on admissions, work experience and studying medical sciences at University



Autumn Term 2014: Well done to Vignesh Shankar Babu, who is studying Medicine at UCL, and Dan Crocker, who’s studying dentistry at Sheffield, best of luck from MedSoc – we’re very sad to see you go!


Medical Student Visit, 12/11/2014 (Report by Jack Clarke, Co-Chair of the Medical Society):

On 12th November 2014 Dr. Helen Jackson and Mr Oliver Townsend kindly travelled from London to Bishop's Stortford to present a two hour session on the subject of Medicine to the Bishop's Stortford High School's medical society. The session comprised of what the study of Medicine entails at university; the qualities that successful doctors possess and multiple mock patient case scenarios.

The audience comprised of ten 6th Form students interested in studying medicine, of which the majority were lower sixth. During the session, the medical students struck the balance between professionalism and wit throughout remaining informative and truthful, but more importantly for a sixth form audience, engaging. They produced an environment where students felt they were able to ask any question and receive a thorough and honest answer, allowing everyone to contribute many questions, ideas and opinions. Unfortunately we ran out of time and could not conduct mock patient cases, but the list of qualities a successful doctor requires was very useful to take into consideration for applying to medicine or even determining whether medicine was for a student.

During the next week's meeting, students said they found the session useful in deciding whether to apply for medicine. We would love to have Dr Jackson and Oliver Townsend back next year to give another session to next year's potential medical applicants.


An Overview of our Society

•Joining a Medical Society, shows to admission tutors, and those interviewing you that you love the field of healthcare

•By joining ‘MedSoc’, you will be kept up-to-date with the latest in Medicine and related fields
•You will get opportunities to help host talks from Medical Students, Professors and also be able to go on trips to various places of Medical significance
•You have show initiative and desire to be part of healthcare by becoming a member
•At these meetings we do various things from term-to-term
At every meeting we will :
Discuss any interesting advances in the Medical Field week-by-week
Based on a theme set every 4-5weeks, a member will present a short Powerpoint on a specific topic
Completing the Term’s ‘Medsoc Report’.

•We will show relevant documentaries where appropriate.

•Every term, we will try and organise at least one MedSoc Field Trip or host a Talk from a relevant person

William Ashley-Fenn
TBSHS Medical Society 2014-15
Medical Society 2012-2014
•This term we will be focusing on reviewing the NHS , its functions and its problems.

•A pilot couldn’t fly a plane without understanding his cockpit; and so too, a healthcare professional cannot practice his field without understanding his/her workplace: the NHS

•The NHS is a hot topic among interviewers who would like to see how informed you are

•This review will comprise of different components tackled by different groups, with a goal of amalgamating our knowledge, after peer-review through presenting your findings, and creating an NHS Review for the year 2013-2014

Vignesh Shankar Babu
Co-Counder TBSHS Medical Society, 2012-14

Vignesh Shankarbabu and I created Medicine Society, with the purposes of: keep up to date with Medical news, learn more about Medicine and share research on improving our chances of getting into a Medical course at university. It is Vignesh and I who run the society, and it is attended by some year 12s and a couple of year 11s, who wish to pursue Medicine, or a Medicine-related topic at higher education. So far, our society has actually gone beyond expected, Vignesh and I are very proud.

Every week, a small group of us meet during lunchtime, and discuss many topics, news, and so on. Recently we've decided to create a 3-month project based on Stem Cells, where we will discuss many aspects of it, and produce a report in the end. This is our first project idea, created to give us a more in-depth insight on out-of-classroom subjects.

However, more recently, we have been very lucky to have speakers coming in, who have done Medicine at uni, or are doing Medicine currently. Firstly, Ms Jennifer Harrington visited us on Wednesday 28/11/12. Mr Smith organised this for us, she is an oncologist, currently working on her PhD, in the area of cancer. Ms Harrington spoke to us about uni life, and factors which may increase our chances of getting into Medical school.

Furthermore, in December, we were lucky enough to host a small Medical Event, in which four current Medical students came down from London, to give us an in-depth presentation of what Medicine is all about. It was organised by myself, and Adam Hexter, who was one of the students. Successfully, we managed to host 17 current A-Level students; some of our own, and others from Leventhorpe and Birchwood. This event, was in much more detail, as each individual presented about different elements of Medicine; including 'what you can do to get in & why', 'life at medical school & different entry points', 'teaching on heart disease' and 'types of doctor, role of research'. Vignesh and I found this extremely beneficial due to the extent of information and detail, especially as these students have gone through the process much more recently. It gave us a wider overview about Medicine and inspired us greatly.

Fernanda Fernandes, 2012

Associated Documents
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Epigenics Powerpoint

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PDF Document Medical Society Powerpoint

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