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Sixth Form: Media Studies

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Media Studies


Subject Leader: Mrs M. Mills

Examination Board: OCR

A-Level Syllabus:  H409

Examinations:  70% (2 x 2hrs)

Coursework:  30%


The media is the most powerful entity on earth.  They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power.  Because they control the minds of the masses.”  - Malcolm X


What is A-Level Media Studies?

The Media bombards us with messages every minute of our waking lives.  It is also one of the modern world’s growth employment sectors.  You will receive an introduction to all the main media concepts such as representation, genre, narrative, audiences and institutions, ideology, regulation, and language through close examination of the main media forms: radio, TV, film, music videos, print advertising, newspapers, online media and magazines.


What makes a good Media student?

A good Media student will be an avid consumer of contemporary and older media texts and will be keen to develop opinions on relevant topics and deepen that with academic research.  They will also be an active producer of Media texts, developing a personal creative Media portfolio as the course develops.  A willingness to question the status quo and explore modern culture and society will be very useful.


What can I expect to learn in Media Studies?

You will develop your essay writing ability by moving towards much greater independence in research and, by bringing secondary academic expert opinion into your work, you will advance your own writing towards undergraduate standard.  You will also have to learn to work well in teams.  You will learn much about practical Media production, especially online and Print.


Where could Media Studies take me?

Media Studies is a subject that is easily combinable with a number of subjects at TBSHS and beyond. English Literature, History, Psychology, Drama, Music, DT and Business Studies are some of the possible complementary subjects.  The possibilities at university are almost infinite, allowing access to all straight Media and Film Studies degrees, but also to areas like Advertising/Marketing, PR, Cultural Studies, Sociology and many more.  Students who want to do practical production degrees are also able to do so with Media A-Level.  Past TBSHS Media students’ names now appear regularly in TV programme credits.  You will also have many extra opportunities to add to your portfolio with whole school film projects.