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Sixth Form: English Language

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English Language


Subject Leader:  Mr N. J. Patterson

Examination Board:  AQA

A-Level Syllabus: 7702

Examinations: 80%

Coursework: 20%



‘Language is the armoury of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.’  Samuel Taylor Coleridge


What is A-Level English Language?

English Language will introduce you to the ways in which the English language is formed, developed and delivered in both our modern society and in your own life.

A-Level is assessed through two examinations and two pieces of coursework.  You will study how children acquire language, the development of English across the centuries and the diverse way in which English is spoken throughout society.

For coursework, you will have the opportunity to complete a piece of research on a language topic of your choice. You also produce a piece of creative writing of your own for which you will write a commentary.


What makes a good Linguist?

A good linguist is provoked by the way that the English language is constantly moving; a good linguist will always be on the search for ways in which the English language is both used and abused!; a good linguist will read widely (books, magazines, cereal packets, train tickets); a good linguist will enjoy writing and will want to discuss what others have written too.


What can I expect to learn in English Language?

On this course you will be given the chance to study language in social groupings and to look at the ways in which language varies from audience to audience.  You will be concerned about the contexts in which language is used as well as its purpose.  It will also allow you to develop your skills as an accomplished writer.


Where could English Language take me?

English is the onion of all nourishing A-Level courses: it acts as the basis of all academic nutrition: one could argue that you do without it at your peril.  If you want to write – novelist or journalist – this is the course for you.  You can take it as one part of a set of Arts or Humanities A-Level courses or it works very well as a complement to Maths and Sciences.