Contact Us: Staff List 2016-17

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Staff List  Autumn  Term  2016

To email an enquiry, please send messages to  and mark 'For the Attention of' the relevant person or department.


DRR Mr Dale Reeve   Headteacher
PCN Mr Paul Noble   Deputy Headteacher,  Geography
GSG Mr Graham Gunn   Deputy Headteacher, Mathematics
MAB Mr Mark Brunker   Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form, Physical Ed.
WEB Miss Wendy Butler   Assistant Headteacher - Science
JPG Mr Jonathan Griffiths   Assistant Headteacher - Humanities
JPP Mr John Pearson-Phillips   Assistant Headteacher,  Art
RHS Mr Robert Stark   Head of Year 7, SLT Associate Member, History
RJW Mr Ross Wheatley   Head of Year 8, Physics
MLF Dr Martyn Fisher   Head of Year 9, Science
ELT Miss Emma Torry   Head of Year 10, Design Technology
DXS Mr David Sadler   Head of Year 11, Physical Education,
NXE Miss Natalie Epton   Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Religious Studies
RJR Mr Robert Rawlinson   Deputy Head of Sixth Form , Maths
FJP Mrs Fiona Price   Assistant Head Sixth Form
ARH Mr Andrew Hood   Director of e-Learning, Business Studies & Economics
SM Mr Simon MacNeill   Professional Tutor, English
CJM Mrs Caroline Marlow   Inclusion Manager -  Years 7 & 8
LTC Mrs Tina Cooper   Inclusion Manager - Years 9, 10 & 11
SJA Mr Stephen Abbott   Mathematics, Computing & Business
WGA Mr William Alexander   Subject Leader for MFL
MHA Mr Mark Atkinson   Computer Science
HXB Mrs Hayley Bart-Williams   Drama
MFB Mr Frank Beran   Subject Leader for Business Studies & Economics
JLB Mr James Blake   Science
BDB Mr Ben Boxall   Subject Leader for Mathematics
CXB Miss Christine Brealey   English
LB Mrs Lisa Butwell   Geography
ZXB Mrs Zehra Byrne   Mathematics
BSC Mr Balraj Chahil   Second in Mathematics
SC Dr Samantha Clark   Science, Biology
AJC Dr Alex Coke-Woods   History
HDC Mrs Hayley Cornwell   Subject Leader for Design Technology
MJC Mr Mike Cosadinos   Subject Leader for Music
GLD Miss Georgia Davies   English
RJD Miss Rachel DeWald   Subject Leader for Psychology
JCD Mr Jesse Dickens   Subject Leader for History, Extended Projects Co-ordinator
KLE Mrs Katherine Eagle   Second in English, Literacy Co-ordinator
SGE Mr Simon Etheridge   Subject Leader for Religious Studies & Citizenship
AXG Ms Ann-Marie Gilmour   Subject Leader for Science
RJG Mr Ryan Glenn   Geography
RMH Mr Rayan Halawi   Computer Science
MJH Mr Matthew Hale   Second in Physical Education, Head of Meads
PJH Mr Peter Harris   Subject Leader for Physical Education
DPH Mrs Dawn Hook   English
TJH Mr Thomas Hobbs   Mathematics
DJH Mr David Hows   Subject Leader for Physics, i/c House system Head of Rhodes
MOL Mr Matt Loney   Mathematics
NXM Ms Natalie Maher   Subject Leader for Drama, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator
JVM Ms Jennifer Marshall   Mathematics
AEM Mrs Alison Matthews   Psychology, SENCo
ASM Ms Alison McIntyre   MFL
MAM Miss Marlene Mertz   MFL
MEM Mrs Mary Mills   Religious Studies
SYM Miss Suzanne Morris   Subject Leader for Film Studies, English
AM Mr Anthony Mullen   Subject Leader for Computer Science,  Head of Dane
JGM Mr George Munro   Physical Education, Head of Twyford 
IJM Mr Ian Murphy   Science & Physics
FSN Ms Fiona Nattress   Second in MFL
DKN Mr Darren Neesam   Science, Btec Coordinator Science, Head of Waytemore
DMP Mr David Paine   Geography, Physical Education
JEP Mrs Jane Parr   Business Studies
NJP Mr Nick Patterson   Subject Leader for English
EFQ Miss Elizabeth Quinlan   History
VHR Dr Vicki Rae   Chemistry
GPR Mr Glyn Reynolds   Design Technology
EAS Mr Eugene Shortland   English
MPS Mr Matthew Smith   Subject Leader for Biology
DKS Miss Denise Simpson   Music
DPS Mr Darren Solomons   Subject Leader for Politics & Philosophy
CT Ms Cecilia Tudo   Mathematics
PLW Mr Paul Williams   English
JJW Mr Joshua Winter   Biology, Head of Chantry 
JSW Ms Joanna Winterburn   Subject Leader for Geography
PDW Mr Paul Withyman   Subject Leader for Art
FY Miss Florence Yao   French & German
LJB Mrs Linda Brierly   Receptionist
SXB Miss Sarah Bromley   Finance Assistant
ADC Mr Alastair Cook   Admin Support.
RDC Mr Ross Conquest   Cover Supervisor
RLE Ms Rachel Engel   Director of Finance & Resources
HLH Ms Helen Haines   i/c Reprographics, Website (Press)
CLJ Mrs Claire Jonas   Careers, Events and Admin Support.
CXK Mrs Catherine Kearney   Cover Supervisor
ACK Mrs Alexia Kitching   Pastoral Admin Support & Trips and Visits Coordinator
DL Mrs Debbie Landers   Headteacher's P.A.
PM Mrs Patricia Mulholland   Finance Manager
AJOS Mr Antony O'Sullivan   Data Management & SIMS Support, Reports
AMW Mrs Audra Williams   Admissions Officer and Attendance Administrator
SJW Mrs Sarah Watts   Examinations Officer
VG Mr Tim Wallis   Site & Premises Manager
MF Mr Michael Franklin   Assistant Caretaker
JH Mr John Holloway   Assistant Caretaker
PWT Mr Paul Trigg   Senior Groundsman
NJC Mr Neil Cooper   Catering Manager
  Mrs Ann Bowes   Catering Assistant
  Mrs Louise Evison   Catering Assistant
  Mrs Lori Griffin   Catering Assistant
  Mrs Sylvia Jennings   Catering Assistant
  Mrs Jean  Sharpe   Catering Assistant
  Mrs Debra Weller   Catering Assistant
  Network Support    
RBB Mr Richard Barnes   Network Manager
NJB Mr Nick Burke   IT Technician
HAF Mrs Helen Fletcher   Chartered Librarian



Learning Support 

Miss Amy Coillins



Learning Support Assistant

PLC Mrs Paula Coulson   Learning Support Assistant
SMH Mrs Sharon Harris   Learning Support Assistant
HAM Miss Heather Martin   Learning Support Assistant
SLR Mrs Sarah Rogers   Learning Support Assistant
AT Mrs Amanda Talbot   Learning Support Assistant
MDC Mrs Dawn Curtis   Assistant Shience Technicial
JFP Mr Jack Fellowes-Prynne   Design Technology Technician (Apprentice)
SWH Mr Sam Howlett   Apprentice Sports Coach
LM Mrs Lisa McMahon   Senior Science Technician
JJS Mr James Shingler   Assistant Science Technician
JMT Mr Joe Turone   Sound and Lighting Technician
  Language Assistants    
KM Karin Wimmer   Language Assistant (German)
MM Marine Monsimier   Language Assistant (French)
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