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The school takes seriously the appearance of our students on their way to and from school as this can do a great deal to promote or damage the school's public image. We believe that the wearing of a uniform may also act as a desirable constraint on the behaviour of boys in public places since they can be readily identified to the school. The school expects parents to support its policy on uniform.
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For the first five years:
Black blazer with school badge
Plain white shirt and school tie
Black trousers, dark grey/black socks
Black v-neck sweater (school badge optional)
Black shoes (not boots)
Jewellery must not be worn
Black/dark outdoor coat – no motifs (other than the school’s mitre) should be apparent.
School scarves available from main office at £10 each (Optional)
Hair must be neat and respectable, with no extremes of style. Please see below for full details.
Students must be clean shaven

School uniform, including all TBSHS sports kit, can be purchased from our suppliers Fosters Schoolwear and compulsory and additional school sportswear items can be purchased from our supplier Touchline.
Some items of uniform can be purchased from the school office.
The Bishop’s Stortford High School Dress Code
(Taken from 6th Form Guidebook)

The Bishop’s Stortford High School Sixth Form Dress Code

We expect our students to dress in a professional, formal and corporate manner, i.e. what you would wear in a formal office environment. The standard of dress should be exemplary at all times and in cases of uncertainty the School’s Interpretation is definitive. Failure to adhere to our dress code will result in a sanction and any serious breaches of the Sixth Form Code may result in a student being sent home.  All students must wear the following:

Dress Code

Formal suit: jacket with trousers or formal skirt (knee-length), all of which should look like they come from a suit though not necessarily the same suit.  Colours should be suitably sober.

Plain (or subtly patterned*) shirt or blouse: should have a collar and sleeves, and be of an opaque material. Gentlemen’s top buttons must be fastened, and their shirts tucked in.

Black or dark brown formal, low-heeled, polishable shoes: dark socks should be worn with trousers, tights with a skirt.

Sixth Form/Senior Prefect/School Colours tie for gentlemen, brooch for ladies.

Winter: Male & Female

  • In winter, a plain black, grey or similar V-neck knitted jumper may be worn, in which case the jacket must also be worn.

Summer: Male & Female

  • Short sleeves on shirts and blouses are permitted.
  • Ladies need not wear tights with a skirt.
  • Jackets may be removed on days when the Headmaster has permitted Summer Uniform.

Dress Code for PE and Sport:

  • A-Level, BTEC, Sports Leaders and Sixth Formers representing the school must wear specific TBSHS branded kit.
  • During Sixth Form Enrichment and Games, students are expected to wear suitable and tasteful sporting attire.


Hair & Make-up

•           Hair must be neat and respectable with no extremes of style.
•           Hair may be dyed in one natural colour per term
•           Gentleman’s hair should not be worn below the collar. If longer it must be neatly tied up.
•           Gentlemen must be clean shaven with the exception of adherence to religious practice
•           All long hair must be tied up for sport
•           ‘Natural look’ day make-up and well-maintained nail polish of a single colour is permitted for ladies.


Jewellery & Tattoos

•           It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to have a tattoo, even with parental consent.
•           No earrings/studs for gentlemen.
•           Ladies may wear a minimum of jewellery. No piercings are allowed, apart from in the ears
             (sleepers and studs only). Clear plastic ‘plugs’ may be used to keep other piercings open.
[*in general, if you are not sure whether something fits the dress code, assume it doesn’t.]
Mr George Munro
Deputy Head of Sixth Form


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