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Admissions: Arrangements for Entry September 2021

Due to continued high demand for places at TBSHS, it is our intention to admit an additional 12 students above our Published Admission Number (PAN) of 156 for September 2021. We will therefore be allocating 168 places and this will be done in accordance with our existing admissions arrangements, following the existing criteria. As we are not formally amending our PAN, we are not able to increase the number of places allocated on aptitude, so the number of places for aptitude will remain at 15 (7 for music and 8 for sport).

If you have any questions regarding this amendment please contact the school’s admissions office.


The school has three admissions policies:

•Year 7
•Sixth Form
•In-year(part way through any year)

Please click the links on the left to see the policies in detail.
An "In-year admission" is when an "admission" falls outside the main intake to the School in the Autumn term. There are times during the academic year, when a student might leave the school because the family moves away due to work commitments or emigration abroad. If this student's year group is not already oversubscribed at the time, this means that a place could be freed up by the move. Normally in this circumstance, the next person on the waiting list for that year group will be offered a place.
After reading these, you may wish to read the on-line prospectuses as well.

For Year 7 admission enquiries, please contact Mrs Audra Williams, 01279-869549

For 6th Form admission enquiries, please contact Mrs Fiona Price, 01279-869531