Admissions: Public Consultation for Admissions

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2022 Admissions Policy - Consultation

In accordance with the School’s Admissions Code, all schools are required to consult on their Admissions Policy at least once every seven years (even if there are no changes in the policy) or where a change in policy is proposed.

The draft 2022 Admissions Policy for The Bishop’s Stortford High School is subject to consultation due to the following proposed changes in regards to the move and new address of the school:

  • The Published Admissions Number (PAN) will increase to 180.
  • The number of students admitted under the Sport and Music Aptitude tests will increase to 9 each.
  • In Criterion 4, Groups A-D have been changed due to distance to the new school premises, please see table below.
  • The removal of Criterion 5 to enable more places to be allocated to our local schools named in Criterion 4.
  • Criterion 6 has been renamed as the new Criterion 5.



Criterion 4

After criteria 1-3 have been applied (and allowing 10% for aptitude), 100% of the remaining places (i.e. those so far unallocated) will be allocated to children who at the closing date for application attend one of the following groups of primary schools.  Places allocated will be based on the percentage of the total number of applications received from that group. For example, if 60 applications are received from Group A out of a total of 400 applications received under Criterion 4, (60/400 x 100 = 15%) then 15% of the remaining places will be allocated to Group A.  This example is for illustrative purposes only.

There is no hierarchy between or within each group.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group E

Group F

Group G

Manor Fields




All Saints

Hatfield Heath


Furneux Pelham

Richard Whittington

St Joseph’s

Little Hallingbury


High Wych


Henham & Ugley


Thorley Hill

St Michael’s

Thorn Grove


Little Hadham

St Mary’s Hatfield Broad Oak

Rodings Primary School


Windhill 21



St Andrew’s Much Hadham




Recent experience shows that applications from any one group of primary schools will exceed the number of places available.  In these circumstances, places will be allocated to pupils who live closest to TBSHS by Hertfordshire County Council’s ‘straight line’ distance measurement system which is used for all home to school distance measurements.  Distances are measured using a computerised mapping system to two decimal places.  The measurement is taken from the AddressBase Premium address point of your child’s house to the address point of the school.  AddressBase Premium data is a nationally recognised method of identifying the location of schools and individual residences.

The period of consultation is 26 October 2020 until 6 December 2020.  Parents who wish to comment on the proposed change detailed above should email their comments to before 9.00am on 5 December 2020.  Governors will consider all such comments before publishing the final 2022 Admissions Policy by 28 February 2021.  Only comments relating to the proposed changes will be considered.

Associated Documents
PDF Document Draft Admission Criteria, Entry September 2022

Draft Admission Criteria, Entry September 2022

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