Academic: Year 10

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Mr Ross Wheatley
Head of Year 10, 2018-19



Year 10 is an exciting and challenging year for students.  A heavy emphasis is placed on students rising to the demands of new courses, building on prior knowledge from Key Stage 3 and becoming academic scholars.

Students are expected to be responsible learners and maintain high standards in and outside of the classroom.  A dedicated team of tutors support students pastorally, monitoring progress and providing essential one-to-one mentoring where appropriate.  The role of the tutor is essential as they are on hand to help students make “good choices” towards their studies and recognise achievements.  Boys’ achievements are frequently celebrated through regular assemblies, commendation teas and form time.

Year 10 students are expected to take an active role in school life and they have ample opportunities to engage with extra-curricular activities.  The school House system also provides students to take on leadership responsibilities and work as a team.  The academic demands of Year 10 are further supported by voluntary subject support clinics.

Hard work and commitment is vital to success in Year 10, preparing students for the increasing demands of the new GCSE courses.

Mr Ross Wheatley
Head of Year 10, 2018-19