Academic: Year 9

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Head of Year 9, 2017-18
Mr Ross Wheatley



Year 9 is a particularly important as well as an exciting time for students at TBSHS. All boys entering Year 9 enter a new stage of their school career.  The Year 9 foundation skills year enables students to focus on a reduced number of subjects and allows them to make informed GCSE subject choices.  A heavy emphasis is placed on students making academic progress as they prepare for transition to year 10 and 11. In order to achieve this students need to be mindful that if their attendance drops to 95% this represents 9.5 days of lost learning in any given academic year, which equates to 47.5 missed lessons.

This is a very demanding year and students will be expected to achieve high standards both in and outside the classroom. Students will be responsible learners, be organised and punctual for all their lessons and learn to take full responsibility for their own actions. In addition to this, boys are also increasingly aware of their role as ambassadors for the school.

A dedicated team of tutors oversee all progress in the pastoral, as well as academic sense, with their wealth of experience, and ability to give the best advice to students being invaluable in helping to ensure that all students realise their full potential. The role of the tutor is essential as they are on hand to help students make “good choices” about their studies, careers and achievements. Boys’ achievements are frequently celebrated through regular assemblies, commendation teas and form time.

All boys in Year 9 are expected to take an active role in engaging with extracurricular activities, whether it is in sport, music, drama, debating or any of the many other options that the school has to offer.  Furthermore, students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Boys also continue to have ample opportunity to contribute to school life, as well as gain valuable leadership experience, through the school House system and the associated activities and events.

By reaching and maintaining high standards, the boys will have ample opportunity for success at TBSHS. Whether it be improving public speaking, taking part in the school show, scoring tries or learning to play a musical instrument.  Year 9 is a time of rich development that starts to lay the firm foundations needed for successful progress in GCSE choices and beyond.

Mr Ross Wheatley
Head of Year 9, 2017-18

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