Academic: Student Council

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The school council is made up of elected representatives from each form in years 7 - 11 and is chaired by students from the Sixth Form. The council meets on the last Friday of each month (or the Friday before the half term) and it debates current issues, highlights student concern from the school and decides on priorities. The council makes representation to the Senior Leadership Team and the governing body (Welfare committee) once per year and a member of the governing body attends the meetings.

The council's most recent achievement was to be instrumental in driving the school to change the way students pay for their lunches. The council wanted more choice and flexibility in the amount students can eat during the school day and as a result of this the school has introduced a cashless catering system. The council was also concerned by the 'black market' in dinner tickets.


School Council meetings will run as follows:

Autumn Term.
Friday October 20th, (half term) November 24th.

Spring term.
Friday January 26th, February 23rd, (half term) and March 23rd.

Summer term.
Friday April 27th, May 25th, (half term) and June 29th.