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The Black and Gold Passport is a booklet recording extra-curricular endeavour and all students receive one as they enter the school. In short, we encourage all students to engage in the myriad of extra-curricular opportunities available and in so doing we reward these with bronze, silver, gold then platinum stars. In order to get a metal star for the blazer lapel, each student must excel in over 10 challenges.

The 10 CHALLENGES are all about a student’s ability to fully access his talents across his House. He will be expected to do as many ‘challenges’ as he can, starting with those for the Bronze award. These challenges offer a wide range of opportunities for enthusiastic, committed students to show what it is they know and can do. They are all about engagement and resilience, concentration and commitment. As soon as 10 have been earned for the Bronze award (and the bronze lapel badge), that student may then progress for his Silver award and silver badge, and so on.

So why are these House awards important?

In truth, as a school we feel that learning is not just about lessons and teachers (although of course, in an outstanding school these are of vital importance). Learning is also about what a student can do, often under his own steam and without the prompting of teachers, or even parents/carers.  It is about thinking of interests and hobbies that complement school work, and show everyone just what a rounded character each person is. These awards demonstrate an ability to fully access talents and show everyone what individuals are truly capable of. They provide an opportunity to demonstrate service to the House, school and to the wider community.

How will these benefit each student over time?

Over time, students will collect award certificates and lapel badges. These will be a constant reminder that everyone is actively involved in utilising skills and talents so that each student develops as a more rounded individual. When each student eventually gets to the senior school and into the 6th form (we expect many boys to do just that), he will already have demonstrated a mature approach towards his potential and that will reinforce any other commitments and interests he may have made as he completes a UCAS form for University or indeed an application for a job.



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