Academic: Physical Education

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In the Physical Education department we offer a varied curriculum allowing students to experience a range of sports and activities. These include the traditional sports such as cricket, football and rugby but we also offer students the chance to express and develop their creative side in gymnastics and try a range of different sports such as badminton, basketball, fencing, judo, table tennis and volleyball.

The vision of the department is:

“to maximise our learning opportunities by giving high quality teaching and learning within lessons which extends ‘learning’ beyond 3.30pm”

The PE department is made up of 6 dedicated staff:


Role in PE

Other Responsibilities

PJ Harris

Subject Leader

i/c AS/A2 Level PE


MJ Hale

2nd in Department

i/c Cricket

Head of House (Meads)

G  Munro

i/c Senior rugby

Teacher of PE, Deputy Head of 6th Form

D Sadler

i/c Football

Head of Year 7

DM Paine

i/c Junior rugby

i/c Athletics

Teacher of PE and Geography

Mr M Pike


Sports Apprentice