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The Bishop’s Stortford High School

Behaviour Policy

2015  – 2017

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Appendix 6: Home/School Agreement

We believe that the most effective education is where there is a partnership between school and home. This

document sets out to make clear the reasonable expectations of each partner in the education process. The

signatories to this agreement will work in partnership to enforce the school’s behaviour policy.


Aims and Values

The Bishop’s Stortford High School prides itself on providing a truly all round education for its students. Its guiding principles are academic excellence and personal fulfilment within a forward looking and disciplined environment based on traditional values of mutual respect. We aim to develop a love of learning for its own sake and the potential for good in all our students within a Christian ethos. We are a school of opportunities. The wealth and variety of extra-curricular activities are an important and intrinsic part of school life. Our five key values are: valuing others; valuing kindness; valuing wisdom; valuing commitment; valuing integrity.


The School will make every effort to:

care for your son’s safety and happiness and set high expectations in all aspects of school life

provide a balanced curriculum appropriate to your son’s need

monitor the standard of education provided, the attendance, punctuality and progress of the students

contact parents if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality or progress

monitor the homework, behaviour and discipline of the students

contact parents if there are any concerns including attitude, behaviour, effort or welfare and respond quickly to concerns

keep parents regularly informed about general school matters and events

be open and welcoming and offer parents opportunities to be involved in the life of the school



Signed (Headteacher)



As Parent(s)/Guardian(s) I/We will make every effort to:

ensure that my son attends school regularly, on time and properly equipped

support the school’s standards of dress and high expectations

make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect my son’s work or behaviour

ensure that my son invests sufficient time and effort in his homework: check and sign his student planner weekly

support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour

support the school’s extra-curricular activities by allowing them to take priority over out-of-school commitments, wherever possible

attend parents’ evenings, get to know about my son’s life at school and support school functions

advise school of any absence on or before the first day of absence

not take family holidays during term time without prior authorisation from the school

make regular use of the school’s website


Signed ________________________________________________ (Parent/Guardian)

As a pupil of The Bishop’s Stortford High School I will make every effort to:

attend school regularly and on time

bring all the equipment I need every day

do all my classwork and homework as well as I can and hand it in on time

make the most of the extracurricular activities on offer and be willing to fulfil commitments to the best of my ability

be polite and helpful to others as a good citizen on or off school premises

keep the school free from litter and graffiti

meet the school’s high expectations and standards of dress

respect the school, its property, staff and fellow pupils

Signed _______________________________________________ (Pupil)

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Home-School Agreement 2015-17

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