Thought For The Day, 26th March

Thank You

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Thought For The Day – Friday 26th March 2021

Thank You

“Power point” attached of the message below.

Thank you to all students, parents and staff for everything everybody has done this term and over the Christmas holiday beforehand.  It is very much appreciated and not taken for granted.  So much good will, respect, adaptability, care and good citizenship has been shown and continues to be shown by everyone. Thank you to Mr. Reeve and the leadership of the school.

Have a wonderful holiday. Keep spreading “The Black and Gold Spirit” in person and on-line, let someone know if you need any support and stay safe through hands, face, space and testing.

How we finish today is as important as how we started.  Today, Mr. Pearson-Phillips retires after a wonderful career. Mr. Pearson-Phillips has been supervising break and lunch times in the past two weeks with brilliant standards and care as if it was his first day at TBSHS.

Before our traditional “Final Assembly” celebration today, we will have a short video presentation for our traditional Lent and Easter service at TBSHS. Like “Final Assembly”, this shows student leadership and was created by Joe Sneddon (in Year 12). Typically wonderful music has been organized by Mr. Emery.  Thank you also to Mr. Reeve and Mr. Turone for their great support.  

The theme of the service is helping others and hope.  

Please use this time to quietly and respectfully reflect on the messages in the service and what all of you, your parents and the staff have done to help others, including yourself,  this term and before. Please think about how you will continue to  help others, including yourself,  and your hopes for today and tomorrow.  We keep improving every day.  We keep creating a good world.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. 

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Thought for the Day PowerPoint, 26th March 2021

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