Commendation Teas, March 2021

Awards recognise superb attitudes and strong work ethic towards approach to remote learning

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At TBSHS we are delighted that since returning from Lockdown 3 and coming back into School,  we have been able to once again host our regular Commendation Teas, all be it with masks and no congratulatory handshaking.

During the last two weeks, students from years 7, 8, 9 and 10  have enjoyed chocolate treats, squash and congratulations in a series of celebrations marking the most improved academic performance and endeavour during the difficult lockdown months earlier this term, and congratulating Good Citizens from each year group. The citations on the awards were adapted to include resillience and endeavour during homeschooling, and much cake and juice was consumed.  Mr Reeve, their Heads of Year, and all staff were delighted to be able to celebrate such well-earned awards.

Headteacher, Mr Dale Reeve, commented, "The Commendation Teas are a great way for us to recognise either the excellent attitude to learning shown by the students or a really positive contribution, in some way, to our community. This term we have particularly recognised those students who demonstrated a superb attitude and strong work ethic in their approach to remote learning during the most recent period of school closure. So many of them work incredibly hard in school and adopt a positive approach to lessons because they can see the real value in doing so and it’s very reassuring to see them maintaining that positive approach under very different circumstances learning in ‘lockdown’. It’s an excellent indicator of their resilience and ability to work independently, taking greater responsibility for their own learning. Congratulations to all boys who have taken part in a Commendation Tea so far, their efforts have been duly rewarded and I shall look forward to the next round.”

Here are the photos for Year 7,8,9,10.

Year 7














Year 8

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Year 9














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Year 10 














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