Thought For The Day, 22nd February

Student leadership and achievement

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Thought For The Day:  Monday 22nd February 2021

Student leadership and achievement

Thank you for all your leadership and achievement last half term and this academic year.  Hopefully, you have had a good and restful half term in the circumstances.

As regards great leadership and achievement, congratulations to Amy, who was offered a place at Oxford University, and Jenna, Nathaniel, Jamie, Abigail, Sam and Amelie, who were offered places at Cambridge University. These current Year 13 students will read law, psychology and behavioural sciences, law, modern and medieval languages, psychology and behavioural sciences, computer science and geography respectively.   Truly outstanding.   Thank you to Ms. Price and their teachers.

Students inspire other students. From Year 7 to Year 13 and beyond, whatever your dream is, work hard, keep improving, stay humble, respect others, talk about problems and issues, work with your parents and teachers to develop the key skills and attitudes.  TBSHS includes all. You are getting there and you will get there. You have learnt and are learning skills and attitudes  for life and are helping others.   

Love what you do and always be true to you.

Metaphorically, we are currently running “the bend” in the house sports day race. We run for ourselves but, more importantly, we run for others.  It is challenging but when we get into the “home straight” the fact we did our best will be rewarding, rewarded and recognised.  We work for a cause not for applause.

We go again. Start fast today, get points on the board early and pick up the routine and rhythm. Let’s go.  Keep safe.

Through it all, we stand tall. 

You are leading and achieving.