Thought for the Day 13th January

The Black and Gold Spirit

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Thought For The Day:  Wednesday 13th January 2021: The Black and Gold Spirit

 “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” (Sir Isaac Newton)

You, your family and all are TBSHS are very much showing “The Black and Gold Spirit” in 2020 and 2021.  We will not get complacent and aim to improve each day as individuals and a community.

What is “The Black and Gold Spirit”?   It is expressed in and out of lessons, in and out of school and on-line and off-line in our values of commitment, aspiration, respect, integrity and community.  The "Black and Gold Spirit" is also expressed in responsible learning as we are pro-active, resilient, attentive to others, collaborative and regularly review and reflect on our work and life.  “The Black and Gold Spirit” is about having the highest standards and caring for others and putting others first.  It about doing things right and doing the right things. It is about giving our very best in each situation.

No one defines and defined “The Black and Gold Spirit” more than Mr. Ian Wickens.  Mr. Wickens was all of the above things and so much more.  For forty eight years, he wonderfully, humbly and meticulously served the school, having the highest standards of judgement, responsibility, leadership and management and showing the highest care for students and staff alike. Amongst many key School roles,  he was an outstanding teacher of Geography, Head of Year, Senior Bursar and Director of Examinations .  He loved and respected the school and the school loved and respected him.   A geographer fascinated by, and interested in, people and places, Mr. Wickens visited numerous countries in the world and brought such global citizenship to TBSHS. At Christmas 2019, the school heard a piece Mr. Wickens wrote for TBSHS’ Christmas services on his wonderful visit to Bethlehem at Christmas two years ago.  With typical modesty and humility, Mr. Wickens did not wish to be credited.   

Mr. Wickens’ son, David, attended the school and was a brilliant student and person. David was Head Boy and studied History at Selwyn College Cambridge before working in international business. 

The funeral of Mr. Wickens is today and Mr. Wickens, and his family, are in our thoughts and prayers today and beyond.

The tribute page below, led by Mr. Reeve and Mrs. Haines, says everything.

The school's motto is 'Respice, Aspice, Prospice'.

This means we must “look to the past, look to the present and look to the future” in all areas of life. 

The ultimate “Black and Gold Spirit” of Mr. Wickens will always inspire us.  “Standing on the shoulders of giants.” 

Thank you for everything, Mr. Wickens.

It is with great sadness that the School announce that Mr Ian Wickens passed away on the 14th December after 48 years connected to the School. Mr Wickens worked under four different Headteachers having started at TBSHS in 1972 under the tenure of Headmaster Ron Davies, followed by Ian Shaw and Andrew Goulding before 'retiring' in 2008. In 2016, under Headteacher Dale Reeve, he returned to the ...