Harry Potter Book Night - 24th June 2021

House Points up for grabs !

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What is Harry Potter Book Night?:

Harry Potter Book Night takes place each year and is a chance for everyone to join together to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s wonderful series – whether you’re a school, library, bookshop or simply a group of friends and family, this global event is open to anyone who wants to take part! 

Harry Potter Book Night will be here at TBSHS in no time but, due to how hard you are all working during this time, I have decided not to host a virtual event outside of your school day as your time your time outside of school is your own to relax and catch up with yourselves.

Instead, at TBSHS we will be celebrating Harry Potter Book Night all month and into the first week of February with smaller activities sent to you via e-mail! The HP Challenge is not compulsory and is meant as a fun way to keep busy during lockdown.

However, house points will be up for grabs throughout the challenge as well as some Harry Potter related prizes to the biggest Potterheads!

To kick off proceedings we have a quiz for you!

Can you guess which TBSHS staff member belongs to which house? To give you a head start – my house is at the end of this message!

Click here to play: 

If you’d like to find out which house you belong to, you can find out here, or join the Wizarding World (formerly Pottermore) for free!

Have fun!

Miss Bishop 
School Librarian
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Favourite Subjects: Defence Against the Dark Arts and Divination