Thought for the Day 4th December


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Thought For The Day:  Friday 4th December: Roots



“You cannot forget your upbringing because that's what made me. I remember reading a newspaper article which said ‘Alex Ferguson's done well despite coming from Govan (in Glasgow).’ It was because I came from Govan that I did well. It is because of the family I had, that made sure food was on the table, that you are representing your mother and father all the time.” Sir Alex Ferguson last week.









Sir Alex Ferguson last week -

At TBSHS, we do the right thing for our family, our friends,  our school, our community, our world and ourselves. TBSHS is not automatically outstanding. We need to earn it each and every day, do our very best and stay rooted. “The Black and Gold Spirit" is a verb. What do we do? Led by Mr. Reeve and TBSHS’ Senior Management Team, the hard work and Inspiration of all staff, all governors, all students, all carers and all parents make the difference and mean this is a wonderful organisation. This has shone like a beacon in the massive challenges of 2020.  A further example of the school’s success came recently when the school was named, by “The Cricketer Magazine”,  in the top 100 schools for cricket. A superb achievement.  

The most important day is the next day.  Finish the week and have a great weekend. Let’s go. Remember your roots.