Thought for the Day 2nd December

Stop – look - listen

Date published: Wed 2 Dec 2020   Author: HLH/SGE   Category: News   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

Thought For The Day – Wednesday 2nd December  - Stop – look - listen   

Still stay safe.  Still make the right decisions. Don’t ease up.

Though his Bristol voice was not used in the final films, and though his face behind his mask was edited from the then third film, David Prowse MBE was the giant actor who was Darth Vader in the “Star Wars” films. His body language and towering presence was absolutely essential to the role.  David passed away over the weekend aged 85. ‘May The Force’ be with him”, said his agent in a statement, using the key quote from the films.  “The Force” has been used to describe God and spirituality.  However, Mr. Prowse was most proud of a different part he played.  In the 1970’s,  about 40,000 children were killed in road traffic accidents each year in the UK.  So, a “super hero character” called “The Green Cross Code Man” was created to communicate a message on road safety called “The Green Cross Code” David Prowse was selected for this role and he starred in adverts as “The Green Cross Code Man”. He visited schools throughout the country. He gave advice such as “do not cross by a parked car” and, famously, “stop- look- listen”. Beyond Mr. Prowse, further campaigns advised those who walk, run and cycle to “be safe, be seen” and wear something bright when walking, running or cycling, especially at night. Today, “The Green Cross Code Man” would no doubt highlight the dangers of mobile ‘phones with regard to road safety and safety generally. Of course, drivers too have a massive and greater responsibility, given what they are driving and at what speed, but those who walk, run or cycle have to be very safe and very responsible too.   “Stop – look - listen” is also excellent general life advice. 


Above: Darth Vader in a scene from The Empire Strikes Back, part of the Star Wars trilogy. The actor who played Vader, Dave Prowse, has died at age 85.

Below:David Prowse career from Green Cross Code Man to Darth Vader