Thought for the Day 19th November 2020


Date published: Thu 19 Nov 2020   Author: HLH/SGE   Category: News   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

Thought For The Day:  Thursday 19th November 2020: Represent  

You represent your family, your school and yourself at all times and in all moments. 

Think before you act inside and outside school. Be a responsible learner and citizen. Show integrity, character and community. This is your, and our, most important homework every day. 

A reminder of a true story from last academic year sent to TBSHS in September 2019: 

"My wife and I would like to commend the behaviour of a group of year 11 boys from TBSHS who came to our assistance yesterday.

My wife works at a local shop. Yesterday, whilst out shopping together, a man, who has been barred from her shop for shoplifting, began harassing and threatening her and myself. He followed us through "Jackson Square", continually making threats. We then went into another shop to get assistance from their security. Before the security staff arrived, a group of Year 11 boys from TBSHS came to our assistance. They asked my wife if she needed help and even surrounded her to ensure that the man could not get near her.

We do not know the names of these boys but we are very grateful for their help and the assurance they gave us until the matter was resolved be the security staff. As you can imagine,  this was a very distressing situation,  however the fact the these students of TBSHS showed courage and decency was a great comfort to us. 

These students are a credit to the school and it's principles." 

Stay safe. Think of others. Don't be selfish. Be kind. Be the change.

Have a good day.


(Photo Caption: Norma Symmonds, Mayor of Bishop's Stortford with Year 11s, January 2020)