Thought for the Year

17th July 2020

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Thought For The Day – The Black And Gold Spirit At Home

Friday July 17th 2020

In memory of the wonderful Albie Leak and Mrs. Helen Fletcher. Albie and Mrs. Fletcher, and their families, will always inspire all of us at TBSHS and beyond. Albie and Mrs. Fletcher will always be with us at TBSHS and beyond, today and tomorrow.

Left:  TBSHS early this morning, July 17th 2020

We conclude the most challenging term and academic year in the school’s 70-year history with  an historic “zoom” Final Assembly. You will all have a chair and be in uniform.  Thank you to Mr Reeve and Mr Pearson-Phillips for this truly “Black and  Gold” moment.

Thank you to all the school community. We all have greatly missed being all together in the school.   Thank you to the finance, office, careers, visits, grounds, register, reception network, reception, learning support, technical, caretaking, catering, cleaning, laboratory, examination, library, visiting and communications staff for everything this academic year. Our catering, cleaning and caretaking teams are always first in TBSHS and last out of TBSHS.  Thank you to Mrs Haines for putting these messages on the website each day.  Thank you to the  teachers teaming up or zooming in with safe lessons. Thank you to the teachers and tutors for all their great inspiration and care every day this academic year.  Thank you to the students and staff working wonderfully at school, the inspirational children of inspirational key workers who have been in school each day so brilliantly this term and the students and staff working so diligently from home too. Thank you especially to Mr Reeve,  the Senior Management Team and all the Governors of TBSHS for helping and leading us all through these most challenging times. We cannot know the plethora of ever-changing logistics Mr Reeve and his senior team had to face on a daily basis in this global pandemic.  As part of this team, Deputy Head Teacher Mr Gunn, and Mr O’Sullivan,  have done so much organisational work this term and beyond with timetables, schedules and examination boards and far more besides. We thank all senior leaders and pastoral leaders and managers for everything they have done for us.  We also thank key staff who have been involved in all safe and secure planning and preparation in the school. They too have devoted so much of their time for everyone.  Thank you to Year 11 and Year 13 for serving the school so well for so long.  You, the students, have been so dedicated and flexible too, adapting so brilliantly to such challenges  within hours and days. If you have not found it easy, and feel a little behind, that really is fine for we will continue to ensure that we all, students, families and staff, help one another and help everyone with everything in the present and the future. When the time is right, you can always work on a few things in the summer.   Everyone has done their very best and that is what matters.

We pay particular tribute to parents, and your homes, for everything they do, and always do, to support us, and even more so now. The support and inspiration of families and carers means everything now and always.

Thank you to Mr Ericksen, Mrs Arnold, Mr Newsome and Mrs Mills for their outstanding contributions to TBSHS. They all changed lives and helped others grow whether it be in wonderful lessons, fantastic support, caring and thoughtful pastoral matters or fabulous music. They all made TBSHS a better place and led and helped us all.  We wish them all well.  They will continue to make the difference.  Final Assembly will pay tribute to their contribution.

Many in our community and around the world have experienced very difficult and very challenging times, whether through caring for others, isolation, unemployment, financial worries,  illness, racism, other forms of prejudice and discrimination, death or bereavement. Our thoughts and hearts go out to you. No words can do such matters justice.   These challenges have always been with us but are particular challenges now whilst the global pandemic has brought further suffering.  There are no words to describe suffering and pain, and  days can be very challenging.  All we can try to do is take each day at a time and to live our lives in a way that others would be proud and keep trying to make the world a better place for all.  We will make a better world from all this. This will be a good world for you and future generations.  Our National Health Service staff, care and key and essential workers, including our chemists and  emergency services (police, ambulance and fire) and delivery drivers and shopkeepers (like Dawn’s Stores and all other shops), as well as Captain Sir Tom Moore, who is knighted today by The Queen, and all of you,  show the way.  Keep saying thank you. We all try to make tomorrow better.

Try to enjoy the summer. Do your best.  Keep reading (vital for all our education) and keep talking. Be good, safe and legal  on-line and off-line. Safely stand for goodness.  We must be ant-racist. But be against all forms of prejudice and discrimination too.  Spread positive vibes. Keep your head up and your heart big. For all. For you. You are always enough.  You do not need to travel far to go far. Some of you will be safely going abroad, some will be safely going somewhere in the UK whilst some will safely staying at home. There is no one good place better than another good place.  All that counts is the love and respect you show the people and things where you are.  Every place has its proud culture and every person has a story.   Look after yourself and others. Still stay safe.  You know the drill in 2020 – like so much else you adapted to brilliantly and thought of others - regular hand washing, avoid touching face touching without hand washing, keep safe distance,  wear a mask in indoor public places.  Physical and mental well-being and fresh air helps.  Reach out if you need.  Life is never easy for everyone or anyone and there are particular challenges now.  But we will continue to support one another.

We will rest and re-charge and return to TBSHS positively, inspired by those we love.   Still stay safe.

Abdul Arshad, in Year 8, had the following picture as his profile picture in a zoom lesson this week. Abdul is rightly proud of his creation and I am very grateful he showed “The Black And Gold Spirit” by agreeing to share it with all of you.  Abdul shows us a superb summer sunset scene: