Thought for the Day, 30th June

Icons – Spread The Love

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Thought For The Day:  The Black And Gold Spirit At Home

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Icons – Spread The Love 

Keep looking after yourself.

Your well-being is the ONLY thing that matters.  

It’s a global pandemic – we are all doing our best.  Do safe things you enjoy to keep yourself going.   


Icons – Spread The Love

Great and moving interview

Throughout history, there have been people who have stood up to and stood against  racism, sexism, LGBT+ prejudice and discrimination, disabalism and ageism. It is worth you researching this very interesting history, sometimes a hidden history, of iconic people who have made the world a better place.  Studying topics such as Feminism or the history of women’s rights, for example, can be very interesting and life-changing.   The current situation can provide you with an opportunity to read on topics that you are interested in for your future.

June has been Pride Month.

Pride Month focusses on celebrating the LGBT+ community and LGBT+ history.  Pride is about making the world a better place for LGBT+ people.  

The LGBT+ Community are Proud and allies of the LGBT+ community are Proud. TBSHS are Proud.   

TBSHS would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Tatchell (pictured below) for his continued visits to TBSHS. Peter is an iconic and international figure in LGBT+ and human rights history. Peter has changed the world for the better through words and deeds. He has often suffered for standing up for love and goodness.  Peter has often had to sacrifice but the world he has changed is all the better for that.  Peter visits our school regularly to inspire the sixth form.  Peter is always so giving and gracious with his time and is the most eloquent, enlightened and empowering speaker anyone could hear. Peter speaks with passion and without notes, listening to student points very respectfully.   Humble, honest, educated, compassionate, collegiate and thoughtful, Peter is everything a citizen should be.  Peter always makes the point that people are free to believe what they wish but treating people in an unloving and unkind way is wrong.  Spread The Love.   

Peter Tatchell, One-Man LGBTQ Revolution - Th-Ink Queerly - Medium

This year, the global “Black Lives Matter”  anti-racism protests have encouraged people to shine a special light on the impact of black gay and trans activists.

Marsha P. Johnson (pictured below), who features on the Google search page today, was a black trans-rights activist who lived between 1945-1992. Marsha has been described as “The  Rosa Parks of the LGBT+ movement.”   Marsha P. Johnson was an African-American  transgender woman from New York. Her activism in the 1960s and 1970s, had huge impact on the LGBT+ community. 

Marsha suffered poverty. 

Marsha said the "P" in her name stood for "Pay it no mind" - a phrase she used when people commented negatively on her appearance or life choices.