School Colours for the Spring Term

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School Colours

A long-standing tradition at TBSHS is for students to be awarded school colours during our end-of-year final assemblies. Due to the restrictions posed by lockdown, our outgoing Year 13s were not in a position to receive their individual awards for school colours. Therefore the Headteacher sent a letter of the congratulations to a small list of dedicated students for their commitment to the extra-curricular life of the Sixth Form and the School.

As the outgoing Year 13 were not able to receive the congratulations from the student body, we have decided to summarise their achievements from the Spring term on the website. It has been a great pleasure to be involved in nominating these students and I am grateful for their contributions to the extra-curricular life of the school.

Mr Stark
Head of Sixth Form


Colours for Debating and Public Speaking (nominated by Mr Fraser)

Boyd Dunster : Has represented the school in many inter-school competitions since Year 10, most notably in a team that put TBSHS in the top twenty schools in England for the ESU Mace Competition. He is also a regular speaker on Wednesday afternoons and a member of the student committee. He has always been a stylish and persuasive orator, but this year he really grew into the role of opening speaker, producing a series of increasingly well-structured and confident performances. Boyd has also spoken in many other inter-school competitions and a member of the student committee.His contributions will be missed.

James Gor : Has represented TBSHS in "Youth Speaks" for six years in succession, as well as debating for the school since he was in Year 9. James reached the ICYD International Finals' Day in 2017 and whilst in the Sixth Form has been one of our best speakers in competitions run under the British Parliamentary format. James is a combative speaker who has worked hard to develop a slightly more measured style, which has made him an even more formidable opponent.  He has often spoken at very short notice on Wednesday afternoons and is always ready to offer advice to less experienced debaters.

Christian Stimpson : Has debated for the school since he was in Year 9, culminating in a series of superb summary speeches for the ESU Mace team.  His calm, logical demolition of opposing arguments was shown to devastating effect in the Eastern Region Final. As the leading researcher in the team, he prepared very thoroughly for each debate, considering the arguments that opponents might produce and how we might counter them. In his role of Chairman of the student committee, Christian’s organisational skills and unflappable manner have contributed a great deal to the smooth running of Wednesday afternoon debates.


Colours for Football (nominated by Mr Harris, Mr Sadler)

Harry Bennett: has represented the school since year 7 in football and during his time as a 6th form student he was an excellent defender who was tenacious and difficult to beat. He provided a superb outlet on the wings joining in attacks and had an excellent delivery in to the box to create many scoring opportunities. Harry was an integral part of the County Cup winning team in 2019 and won the County Cup in year 10 (2017).

Elliot Long: has developed as a footballer throughout his 7 years at TBSHS and has been a pleasure to watch as his superb balance allows him to drift past opposition players. He provided excellent attacking options for the team as he had the ability to deliver crosses off both feet and scored some outstanding goals at crucial times throughout the successful County Cup and National Cup runs. His talent was recognised by the Hertfordshire U18 County team and he also reached the South of England trial stage. At the end of Year 12 Elliot had the opportunity to play at the King Power Stadium when he was asked to represent The F2 Academy team in a multi-team tournament. Elliot was part of the 2018 County Cup winning team, scored the winning goal in 2019 County Cup final and won the County Cup in year 10 (2017).

Lewis Powell: is another student who has represented the school at football throughout his 7 years at TBSHS and provided excellent bite to the midfield with his tough tackling and determined attitude. Although not the loudest on the pitch Lewis led by example and was an excellent role model for his peers. Lewis was an integral part of the County Cup winning team in 2019 and enjoyed two successful National Cup runs.

Jamie Reynolds: joined the school in the 6th form and worked hard to improve his game throughout the two years at the school. He started out as right-back in year 12 but he stepped in admirably during year 13 to lead the defence from centre-back. Jamie was quiet but his passion was evident throughout matches as he would throw himself in front of anything to prevent shots on the goal. Jamie was an integral part of the County Cup winning team in 2019 and enjoyed two successful National Cup runs.

Josh Schlanker: worked hard throughout year 12 to take the opportunities that were presented to get in to a strong 6th form team and it was his determination to win the ball and range of passing that made him a permanent fixture in the centre of midfield during year 13. Josh was made captain and he flourished in this role as he led by example and set a superb example to his peers in training and matches. Josh played an integral part of the County Cup winning team in 2019, enjoyed two successful National Cup runs and scored to help win the County Cup in 2017 with the Y10 team.


Colours for Netball (nominated by Mr Harris)

Amber Peck: Has had a fantastic two years playing as goalkeeper for the school netball team, which saw them finishing as runners-up in the County competition and coming third in the Regionals as the only state school to reach the last 4 teams. She was a vocal member of the team who demonstrated superb leadership skills organising the team and encouraging those around her to get the best out of them.

Daisy Broughton: was the team captain for the most successful team in recent years as they finished as runners-up in the County competition in a very close match against St Edmunds before finishing third in the Regional tournament. She was an excellent captain with a positive attitude on court to get the team to perform at their best and her off-court organisation enabled the school to put out a B team in the district competition. Daisy has helped to move the netball to a new level with more girls than ever training and playing.

Keira Chadburn: proved to be a formidable goal defence creating a superb partnership with Amber, her ability to read the game led to many turnovers of possession and her calmness with the ball helped to transition the team up the court. She was often one of the unsung heroes in the team as she would go about her job quietly but with a determination that was certainly pivotal for the team doing so well this year in both the County and Regional competitions.


Colours for Music (nominated by Mr Emery)

Tega Amrore: has dedicated his significant musical talents to the music department over the past two years, both with his fantastic singing voice and his many and varied instrumental skills. He has taken part in a wide variety of performances as a soloists and as a member of the Chamber Choir. A particular highlight was as the front man and lead vocalist for the Function Band at the 2019 Candlelit Supper, where he almost brought the house down! Tega performed the role of Javert in TBSHS’ 2019 production of Les Miserables and succeeded in portraying the conflicted police officer with intensity and conviction. Tega has also committed time to working with younger musicians and sharing his music technology skills with his peers.

Sami Kafas: has high level skills in so many different areas, and we have been lucky that one of those areas is musical performance. Sami has been a thoroughly reliable and dedicated member of both the school Swing Band and Concert Band, and brings enthusiasm and skill along with great repertoire suggestions! His ability on the Alto and Baritone saxophones is exceptional and as a pianist and composer he is able to demonstrate an incredible ear for melody and harmonic progressions. He has made great progress as an academic musician and will be a huge loss to the department next year.


Colours for Drama (nominated by Mrs Bart-Williams)

Elena Cotton: has been a model student in the drama department. She has been heavily involved with the performing arts outside of school including the Bishop’s Stortford Pantomime in 2018. However, her greatest contribution has been her dedication to helping others fine tune their acting performance and also looking out for others within her subject and beyond.


Colours for Interact and Showcase (nominated by Mr Etheridge)

Marcia Amaral

I am very grateful to Marcia for her passion, positivity and thoughtfulness with Interact. Marcia is an excellent person who exudes helpfulness and empathy at all times. She is a credit to herself and her family.  Marcia was particularly wonderful in her presentation of two Showcases and she continued a fine tradition began with the likes of Radio 1’s Greg James. She is a star and will go very far.   I wish Marcia every success for her future and thank her for everything. 

Uchechi Ezeakachi  

Uchechi  is a student with a wonderful and inspiring moral sense and is a great leader of the future. Uchechi ‘s service to Interact was seen in her great support of Interact behind the scenes.  Her organization, integrity and intelligence shone forth.  She made everything and everyone better at Showcase, at TBSHS and in life. I wish Uchechi  every success for her future and thank her for everything.

Megan Holland

Megan Holland is a wise and wonderful student. Whether it be in Religious Studies, Interact or Showcase, Megan Holland was absolutely brilliant and inspiring. She set the standard and  students and staff alike learnt so much from such a perceptive and polite person. A student of integrity, intelligence, industry and insight and TBSHS was blessed she  joined the school. She is a leader of the highest class.    I wish Megan every success for her future and thank her for everything.

Abbie Hurley

Abbie Hurley was a fantastic and fabulous person and student in Interact, in Showcase and around the School. The humble people are the greatest people. Unassuming and grounded, Abbie Hurley always put others first.  She never sought the limelight and always let others shine. However, everyone knows she was the real star.  Always smiling, Abbie was a role model in her attitude, work ethic, intelligence and team work. Abbie is someone everyone needs in the team and she is an awesome leader too.  I wish Abbie  every success for her future and thank her for everything.

Harriett Overs

In challenging times, rays of sunshine are needed. Harriett Overs, to Interact and Showcase, always lit the way. Her positivity was as brilliant as her enthusiasm and ideas.  Harriet’s drive, enthusiasm and passion got things done and made the world a better place.  A team player and a leader, she was never afraid to do what was right and respected students and staff at all times. In any team, you need a moral leader and a moral doer. Harriett Overs was that and so much more. I wish Harriett every success for her future and thank her for everything.