Thought for the Day - 19th May

Well- being and work

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Thought For The Day The Black And Gold Spirit At Home

Tuesday  19th May 2020

Sometimes we just try to take our mind off things in life if we can  by doing something we enjoy and to bring some peace and happiness.

Music, drama, sports, reading, nature, prayer/meditation, podcasts/radio,  an appropriate and relaxing television programme.  

Give yourself a break if that is possible. It’s the little things

Well- being and work.  Let us know if you are struggling with absolutely anything. 

Keep in safe and legal on-line / telephone contact with each other.  “Together While Apart”

Two clips from BBC1s  “Football Focus” from Saturday lunch-time: 

·         The Making of Jürgen Klopp (the best football manager in the world).  In this well-produced piece, notice how Jürgen started from humble beginnings:

·         Interview with Jürgen.  He has a great attitude to the current international situation:

“Music is proving to be a sanctuary.  All forms of creativity (can be).  Creativity is an escape. It’s a place of solace, where you can go to in times of trouble. I remember when I was at primary school,  any time anything happened that would upset me, or that  I struggled with, (and) I struggled with school a lot, I really, really struggled with school,  whenever anything got to me,  I would paint and draw.  In this situation, in the lockdown, my art form has become music and working on music I can become  ensconced and absorbed in music which I have to do to write good music…In this (lockdown) situation music has been a comfort and taken my mind off it.”   (Bernard Sumner, widely respected musician for many years, speaking recently. Bernard grew up surrounded by poverty and many other challenges in Manchester in the 1960s and 1970s. The arts were his escape from the challenges around him)

The making of Jurgen Klopp: How humble Black Forest origins shaped ...

Above: Glatten, The Black Forest, Germany. This is the place where Jürgen Klopp grew up (see video).