Thought for the day 25/3/2020

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Thought for the Day - Wednesday 25th March 
Black and Gold Spirit at Home

The REAL Heroes

We continue to remember and pay the ultimate respect to our health workers and all other key workers. One of our former students, David,  who left TBSHS several years ago and re-trained to be a nurse, taking him many years and much sacrifice,  is working respirators on the wards right now. One of our current students is helping administration in the National Health Service.  Doctors, nurses and the emergency services are the real heroes. Never ever, ever forget that they walk into danger whilst we walk away.  Please, please  spend a couple of minutes each day thinking of doctors and nurses and those, and their families,  they are attending to. There are not enough positive words to describe these people.  We salute all brilliant key workers and the great students who have special arrangements to be in school.  The ultimate public service.  Thank you does not come anywhere close to our massive gratitude.


Home School Set- Up 

Given the sacrifices people are making, the illness some in our world have,  the very, very least we can do is do our study if we / family are not ill. It takes our mind off things, is good for our life in the future  and some people would love this chance right now today to do what we are doing. So take responsibility and help your parents and teachers who are investing great  time and care. We all must think of others and do our bit.  This is not a time for "me, me, me". This is a time for "we, we, we." When you are older, though no one human is  ever perfect in their whole life,  you want to say to your children that you helped in your way as best you could.  So, check in and act on SMHW or however your class teacher is communicating.   

How are you setting up your study space?  Surround yourself with positive things / vibes. Be organised. Create your nice space.   Case study:  

The TB12 Method: Above: The greatest ever American Football player, Tom Brady, the 199th and nearly last draft pick in year 2000, signs for Tampa Bay in his kitchen last week in a photo taken by his young son. Notice the rules on the wall.  In Tom v Time (15 minutes), Brady shares his method. Scroll down for the link on this page here   Preparation and humility behind-the-scenes.  I am grateful to a former student for introducing me to the work of Tom Brady.  A special character who went from last to first through hard work being kind and humble all along the way. 

Above: Brady meticulously studying. Do not press play on the picture but see the link above.

Tom's diet

Thanks for everything
Mr. Etheridge