History Department Trips

Year 9 and 10 historians enjoy two lectures at the Museum of London.

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History Lecture Trips

In recent weeks, the TBSHS History department, has taken a selection of Year 9 and 10 historians to two fascinating lectures organised by Gresham College and hosted at the Museum of London.

Year 10 Lecture Trip – The Treaty of Versailles: One Hundred Years On by Professor Margaret McMillan – 4th June.

Eleven Year 10 students attended a fascinating lecture by Professor MacMillan, a specialist in British imperial history and the international history of the 19th and 20th centuries. The talk considered the challenges faced by the statesmen involved in negotiating the Treaty of Versailles, and questioned the view that the treaty failed in its attempt to create a new world order and led to the outbreak of the Second World War.







Year 9 Lecture Trip – The Weimar Republic by Professor Richard Evans – 18th June

A further eighteen students in Year 9 attended a further Gresham lecture delivered by Professor Richard Evans on the Weimar Republic: Germany’s First Republic. A century has passed since the establishment of the ill-fated Weimar Republic, founded in August 1919 and superseded 14 years later by the Nazi dictatorship. Sir Richard Evans, one of the world's foremost authorities on modern German history, asked why the Republic failed in its attempt to make Germany democratic, and what lessons can be learned for the future of democracy in the 21st century.



 Professor Richard Evans



Subject leader for History, Mr Dickens said “We are always looking to offer opportunities beyond the classroom which stretch students and get them to think about the past in different ways. It is wonderful that so many students volunteered to attend these trips to extend and enrich their understanding of subjects that they study as part of their GCSE courses. Both lectures covered challenging material and complex arguments – these are speakers with global renown in their fields, addressing almost entirely adult audiences. The students were a credit, both in their impeccable conduct and in their efforts to engage in deep historical thinking”.