Goodbye Year 13!

Year 13 leave to start their A Level exams

Date published: Fri 17 May 2019   Author: HLH   Category: General   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

Today we said goodbye to our fantastic Year 13s who are leaving School for the last time, to go out into the world after their A Level exams, and to fly high in the world.

We wish every one of you good luck in forthcoming A level examinations, and please do come back and see us in the future to let us know how you are getting along.


Goodbye and good Luck!


From Mr Etheridge

Last Friday, we said farewell  to Year 11 before their examinations. Today, we say farewell to Year 13 before their examinations.

It is always very strange and sad when students, or staff for that matter, are not in the school regularly any more.  The day-to-day involvement is greatly missed and is a moment in time.  Memories last a lifetime, however, and you made so many memories   And though new people write their beautiful chapters in the story, no individual and no person is ever, ever replaced. Each person has their unique story.  Each person leaves their legacy.  “We are more than machines.” (Dua Lipa)

Thank you to Year 13 and Year 11 for all you gave to TBSHS. For all you did to care and lead.  Thank you to those students who have served the school for seven or five years and thank you to all the students who joined us in the Sixth Form and made us better. Community and character.

You will achieve more than you can dream of.  Be good. Look after others.  Give back.  No one is perfect; as long as we do our best that is all anyone can ask. Keep excelling in your examinations and beyond.  

This is farewell but not goodbye. We still have exams and life ahead and TBSHS will always be with you every step of the way.