Three Medics

Three TBSHS Year 13 students heading to University to study Medicine

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Three TBSHS students are set to start medical courses at university this autumn.

Stephen Bates, Bilge Irmak and Arushi Shukla, have between them, received nine offers to read medicine.

Stephen heads the field with four offers, including his first choice, Cardiff (A A A).

Bilge is holding two offers, but has chosen the UEA (A A A) and Arushi has three offers but has chosen QMUL (A*AA).
Stephen has been at TBSHS for the last 7 years, but Bilge & Arushi joined the 6th Form in year 12 coming from two different Harlow schools.
Stephen, who is headed to Cardiff says "Last year, I had a practice interview where one of the questions was ‘what does a doctor do?’ As the doctor’s eyes narrowed on me, I realised that despite my days in the local hospital and my months of volunteering at a care home, I hadn’t thought too much about this. I stumbled over an answer about giving medicines, but I had really missed the point.  There is so much to the work of a doctor. You have to communicate with the healthcare team and the patient, you need to have practical skills, you need knowledge but, importantly, you have to be able to apply it.

I chose Cardiff because I felt that they had thought carefully about producing rounded doctors in their course. Wales has a real mixture of hospitals from larger ones in the south to rural hospitals where the medical student can play an important role in the healthcare team. I feel strongly that patient time and the opportunity to practice clinical skills are the most important reason to choose a medical school. Cardiff use a case-based teaching style which appealed to me as a way of putting knowledge learnt into the context of the differential diagnosis. Lastly, I am interested in doing an intercalated degree in pharmacology and Cardiff has a really strong department for the subject."

Surname Forename Subject No. of offers University
Bates Stephen Medicine 4 Cardiff - A A A
Irmak Bilge Medicine 2 UEA - AAA
Shukla Arushi Medicine 3 QMUL - A*AA
    Total Offers 9  

Bilge describes her thoughts"The idea that medicine would provide me with both a very deep scientific understanding about the physiology and anatomy of the human body and be able to connect with people on a deeper level stood out to me.

Before deciding on medicine, I questioned every aspect of being a doctor, from the pleasures to the difficulties, the level of commitment and how I would deal with challenges, etc. I remember seriously looking into other careers and courses, but I ended up always coming back to medicine, because to be honest I couldn’t imagine doing something else with so much passion. You have to want to be able to make a positive impact on another person’s life and these small pleasures are just one of the things that makes medicine such a beautiful art.

My main reason for choosing UEA was due to its PBL (problem based learning) course structure, meaning that I would be able to have early patient contact which I think is important to be able to vital develop clinical skills from an early stage of my medical journey. Also, from the research I had gathered and the open days I had been to, I noticed that UEA focused on producing well- rounded doctors, by ensuring that students were presented with many fun extracurricular opportunities, along with the city providing an excellent student life. 

Arushi explains her thought process "My inclination towards the sciences and the idea of wanting to help people was something that steered me in the direction of Medicine a few years ago but I soon realised I hadn’t thought about what it takes to be a doctor. Doing work experience in hospitals and long term volunteering had quickly taught me that there was much more to a doctor than just helping people get better. There needs to be a compassionate side to you, to be emotionally receptive to others, helping them feel safe in your company. So much teamwork goes on in a clinical environment; you need to have the skills to be able to communicate effectively with your colleagues to provide a high level of care. This helped me strengthen my resolve to go for a career that integrates my academic interests and the want to give back to the community.

I chose Barts and the London for a number of reasons. I was very impressed with their style of teaching: a heavily PBL course that encourages teamwork, much like a real hospital environment. The balance between high quality lectures alongside clinical experience was what attracted me to Barts. Having the opportunity to train at one of Europe’s leading trauma centres, at the Royal London Hospital, truly made me feel that such training would really prepare me for the working world. Most importantly, med school is very long you need to be happy at the place where you’ll potentially be living at for the next 6 years of your life. Something about Barts just felt right. Be it the friendly atmosphere where everyone was willing to help, or how the campus was in the middle of London, in such a diverse and busy city, yet was still enclosed enough to feel like a university, I knew this was where I could see myself training. The opportunities at QMUL are endless and being part of an old medical school like such helped me decide that Barts would be the best choice for me."

Fiona Price, Assistant Head of Sixth Form and Post-18 Co-ordinator, said, “I am delighted for these talented students that they have been so successful in gaining offers for these highly competitive medical courses.   Their motivation to become doctors has been amply demonstrated through their hard work and commitment from the very start of their time in Sixth Form.  They have dedicated themselves to both their academic studies and relevant extra-curricular experience, including running and participating in a very active student MedSoc.  Their efforts have been ably supported by excellent teaching, guidance and support from a variety of staff members and external professionals who have given advice and interview practice.  I am sure they will make excellent doctors in due course and we wish them all the best in obtaining the grades required to secure their places.”

Robert Stark, Head of 6th Form added, “I am absolutely thrilled for Arushi, Bilge and Stephen. They have worked incredibly hard and demonstrated fantastic resilience in their two years at our Sixth Form. They have made their parents and teachers very proud. Their efforts are recognition that a clear vision, hard-work and an environment that values aspiration and community are a recipe for future success. I wish them well for their upcoming exams and I look forward to inviting them back in the future to help support the next group of prospective medics in the future. Thanks must also go to Fiona Price for co-ordinating our outstanding Post-18 programme which helps students achieve their goals in applications to Oxbridge, Leading Universities, Apprenticeships and the world of work.”