International Women’s Day 2019 at TBSHS

8th March 2019

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International Women’s Day 2019 at TBSHS

Wear One Item Of Non-Uniform

No Trainers


Last year, Interact decided to mark International Women's Day 2019 on 8th March.

So, on Friday, students are asked to celebrate, mark and remember International Women's Day by wearing ONE item of appropriate non-uniform. Trainers and coats (inside) are not allowed.

We understand that, for practical reasons, not all students in the school will be able to wear one item of non-uniform but adding a dash of colour is, Interact feel, a classy and appropriate way to signpost the day and raise awareness.  Sixth Form will also be giving out free purple ribbons to show solidarity and awareness.

In the past, students may not have worn one item but many have donated. There will be opportunities to make donations to the international charity “Fearlessly Girl.”  Any donations of £1 would be greatly appreciated. Allergen  - free cake sales in Friday afternoon form are also welcome to raise further funds and awareness.

We should be very proud and totally unapologetic of holding this day, of course.

It is a great way of sharing our positive, inclusive, caring and humble values as we all, students and staff alike, strive to be better characters and people.  Interact would be very grateful for any support as we continue to stress The TBSHS Way (as we do each day) which is always an appropriate but diverse spectrum.

One (amongst many) great aspects of our organisation is how we empower Sixth Form girls to lead students, give equal opportunity and question sexual stereotyping and sexist language.  The fact that Interact would not have been successful at TBSHS over many years without Sixth Form Girls leading the way is one example amongst so many, if I may so.

IWD exists to highlight role models, stories and issues. There are still significant levels of inequality in UK and global society.

Mothering Sunday is, of course, also not too far away adding a further aspect.

Any support would be gratefully appreciated. 

The day will be lead by Interact students.

Let’s really get behind the day!

With every good wish

Mr Etheridge



The Fearless Girl on loan this week by St. Paul’s Cathedral