Music Festival - Heat Results

Results of the Heats

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Finalé Concert!!

12th March starting at 7pm

Tickets on sale now priced £3 and £5


Monday 11th March - Drums

Beginner Category

Winner:   Harry Taylor  

Highly Commended - William Meyer

Commended - Charlie Jaques









 Intermediate Category

 Winner:   Aaron Mehmet  

 Highly Commended - Stan Odell

 Commended - Tom Gleeson






 Advanced Category

 Winner:   Luca Santos-Sims  

 Highly Commended - Edward Pinnington

 Commended - Jonny Brewer



Friday 8th March - Piano

Beginner Category

Winner:   James Levi  

Highly Commended - Aryan Armani

Commended - Shay Henriques



Friday 8th March - Voice

Beginner Category

Winner: Oliver Worthy

Highly Commended - Andreas Mullen     

Commended - Anish Armani


Intermediate Category

Winner: Teddy Pope

Highly Commended - Georgia Bryson

Commended - Amber Butcher


Advanced Category 

Winner: Leah Bartrum

Highly Commended - Daisy Allen

Commended - Finn Lihoreau


Friday 8th March - Strings

Beginner Category

Winner: Robert Anderson

Highly Commended - David Badcock

Commended - Finley Giffen


Intermediate Category

Winner: Louis Jenkins

Highly Commended - Ed Moulton

Commended - Kevin Halder


Advanced Category

Winner: Skye Platts  

Highly Commended - Joe Lee





Thursday 7th March - Classical Guitar

Beginner Category

Winner: Alex Banhidai

Highly Commended - Thomas Kadritze

Commended - Tom Naylor


Intermediate Category

Winner: Jack Attwool

Highly Commended - Aaron Guy

Commended - Harry Lines & Henry Davis


Advanced Category

Winner: Isaac Mendel

Highly Commended - Kaia Hales


Thursday 7th March - Contemporary Guitar

Advanced Category

Winner: Thomas Parkin

Highly Commended - Thomas Horton

Commended - Luis Obeng



Wednesday 5th March - Piano

Intermediate Category 

Winner: Isabelle Gooding

Highly Commended - Zoe Endean

Commended - Seth Hui & Ben Tanner


Advanced Category 

Winner: Thomas Parkin

Highly Commended - Owen Lee

Commended - Leonid Chashchin





Tuesday 5th March - Brass

Beginner Category

Winner: James Casey


Intermediate Category 



Winner: Alex Milkowski

Highly Commended: Freddie Chate

Commended: Isaac Reeve



Advanced Category

Winner: Owen Lee

Highly Commended: Dom Walkley 

Commended: Noah Sarles






  Brass Competitors 2019











Tuesday 5th March - Woodwind

Intermediate Category 

Winner: Seth Hui

Highly Commended: Jonathan Stevens

Commended: Harrison Rowe





Advanced Category 

Winner: Finn Lihoreau

Highly Commended: David Badcock

Commended: Jess Gibson






 Woodwind Competitors








Monday 4th March - Contemporary Guitar

Beginner Category

Winner: Thomas Bradshaw

Highly Commended: Joseph Sneddon

Commended: Archie Tancock




  Intermediate Category

  Winner: Jordan Coleman

  Highly Commended: Frank Calnan

  Commended: James Whittaker