Exciting EPQ Update

Sixty TBSHS Students pass their EPQ Qualification

Date published: Mon 28 Jan 2019   Author: HLH/JCD   Category: Publicity   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

Sixty students from TBSHS Sixth Form recently received confirmation of the results of their Level 3 Extended Projects. The qualification is a challenging but rewarding opportunity for students to tackle a project on a subject of their own choice. Supported by a member of TBSHS staff, they must identify their topic, refine a question and carry out 90 hours of independent research before writing up their findings in an assignment of approximately 5000 words.

The EPQ project was an insight into how research at university might be. We were using skills like planning, research and critical thinking. Not only that, we presented the projects to our classes which although daunting, helped with presentation skills – Freddie Jonas

The students also have to keep a log of their enquiry and give a formal presentation that summarises both their research process and the conclusions that they have drawn from their investigation. The whole project encourages students to develop a wide range of skills, from independent research and the critical use of their source material to organisation and self-discipline. It is highly valued by both universities and employers.

The school is delighted that 19 students (31.7%) achieved the highest A* grade for their project with over 53% achieving an A grade or above.

Listed below are just a few of the fascinating topics that students chose to tackle for their investigations:

- To what extent is asthma a barrier to competing in elite sport?

- To what extent did the Big Bang remove our 'Free-Will'?

- To what extent can music therapy be used as an effective treatment for neurological disorders?

- To what extent was the collapse of the Old Kingdom of Egypt due to Drastic Climate Change Conditions?

- To what extent is 'Heat Death' the most credible explanation for the fate of the universe?

- To what extent should higher education be funded by the government in England to increase overall economic welfare?

EPQ helped me to get great offers from universities and is a great way to show that you can write really well – Max Pritchard

- Assess the reasons behind the success of the All Blacks rugby team between 1987 and 2015

- To what extent has the Norman Conquest influenced the English Language?

- To what extent has climate change affected our glaciers and polar ice caps?

- Evaluate the possible impact of a holistic treatment approach to an Alzheimer's patient.

- To what extent will Nanotechnology in foods make truly organic products obsolete?


Some students also chose to create an artefact as part of their Extended Project. These included setting challenges such as:

- Composing a baroque partita for solo violin inspired by the work of J.S Bach.

- Designing and creating a customizable footwear storage product suiting the middle market target audience and their needs for shoe storage and space availability.

- An investigation and production of a 24" scale length guitar.

I really enjoyed doing my EPQ; I was able to focus on a topic that I am passionate about and in doing so I developed skills such as organisation and independence. - Emilia Szlosarek

A huge thank you must go to Miss Quinlan, Mr Shortland, Mrs Mills, Miss Morris and Mrs Miles for all their hard work and insight while supporting the students.

Mr Dickens (EPQ Co-ordinator)