Music Festival 2017 - Final Results

All the results from the Finals and the whole competition

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Congratulations to our Musician of the Year 2017 - Jack Briggs (Yr 13)

Highly Commended: Christopher Platts – Strings (Year 11)

Commended: Eli Haines – Brass (Year 13)




Intermediate Final

Winner of the Joyce Shellard Memorial Cup

Finn Lihoreau – Vocals (Year 8) 

Highly Commended: Matthew Stevens – Clarinet (Year 10)

Commended: James Inkley – Drums (Year 9)



Beginner Final

Winner of the Beginner Shield

Teddy Pope – Vocals - (Year 8) 

Highly Commended: Maxwell Chinn - Brass (Year 7)

Commended: Nabil Shah – Piano (Year 8)




*** RESULTS  of  Tuesday 14th,  Contrmporary Guitar***

Contemporary Guitar

Beginner Category

Winner: Alan Davies (Year 7)  

Highly Commended: Max Lavergne (Year 7)

Commended: Oliver Lenihan (Year 7)




Winner: Carlos Morgan (Year 7) 

Highly Commended: Elliott Sanfilippo (Year 10)

Commended: Tom Parkin (Year 11)



Winner: Luis Obeng (Year 10)

Highly Commended: Kaiya Hales (Year 11) 

Commended: Thomas Horton (Year 10)




*** RESULTS  of  Tuesday 14th,  Percussion***

Percussion Category Results

Beginner Category 

Winner: Sidney Drake (Year 8)

Highly Commended: Ethan Guy (Year 7)

Commended: Matthew Clarke (Year 8)


Intermediate Category 

Winner: James Inkley (Year 9)

Highly Commended: Ben Mayhew (Year 10)

Commended: Izaak Ashraf (Year 11)


Advanced Category

Winner: Jonny Brewer (Year 7) 

Highly Commended: Lucca Santos (Year 8)

Commended: Toby Wood (Year 9)




*** RESULTS  of  Monday 13th,  Woodwind Heats***

Woodwind Category Results



Winner : Alex Pierson

Highly Commended : Matthew Peasey

Commended : Seth Hui  






Winner : Matthew Stevens

Highly Commended : Adam Oakey

Commended : Louis Hannam  







Winner : Finn Lihoreau

Highly Commended : Harry Collier-Smith

                                        : Henry Stuart-Turner

Commended : Alice Dew



*** RESULTS  of  Classical Guitar Heats***


Winner: James Ashbrook (Yr 7)

Highly Commended: Alex Howard (Yr 8)

Commended : Archie Maclead (Yr 9)



Winner: Trey Sampson

Highly Commended: Jack Atwool

Highly Commended: Aaron Guy

Commended: Harry LInes



Winner: Kaiya Hales

Highly Commended: Isaac Mendel

Commended: Isaac Wheeler


*** RESULTS  of  Brass Heats***


Winner: Maxwell Chinn (Yr 7)

Highly Commended: Thomas Harding (Yr 8)



Winner: Isaac Hughes (Yr 11)

Highly Commended: Henry Bayley (Yr 9)

Commended: Isaac Mendell (Yr 11)



Winner: Eli Haines          

Highly Commended: Owen Lee (Yr 8)

Highly Commended: Oli Medhurst (Yr 13)

Commended: Joel Williams (Yr 12)


*** RESULTS  of  Piano  Heats***

The following students were successful whilst competing in the Piano section of the competition:

Beginners Category

Winner: Nabil Shah (Year 8)

Highly Commended: Joao Carvalho (Year 8)

Commended: Noah Sarles (Year 9)

Intermediate Category

Winner: George Haddon (Year 10)

Highly Commended:  Seth Hui (Year 8)

Commended: Jonny Brewer (Year 7)


Advanced Category                                                     

Winner: Jack Briggs (Year 13)

Highly Commended: Oliver Medhurst (Year 13)

Commended: Owen Lee (Year 8)





    Advancd Piano - Winner Jack Briggs, HC - Oli Medhurst, C - Owen Lee





*** RESULTS *** of Tuesday's***Strings Heats***

The following students were successful whilst competing in the Strings section of the competition:

Beginners Category

Winner: Aodan Compton (Year 7)

Intermediate Category

Winner: Louis Bowry-Jenkins (Year 9)


Advanced Category        

Winner: Chris Platts (Year 11)






*** RESULTS *** of Monday’s ***Voice Heats***

The following students were successful whilst competing in the Voice section of the competition:

Beginners Category

Winner: Teddy Pope (Year 8)

Highly Commended: Jonny Billinton (Year 8)

Commended: Anish Armani (Year 8)


Intermediate Category    

Winner: Finn Lihoreau (Year 8)

Highly Commended:  Jay Williams

Commended: Becki Jones (Year 12)


Advanced Category  

Winner: James Knudsen (Year 12)

Highly Commended: Georgina James (Year 13)


Finalé Concert Line up so Far -

Strings - Chris Platts

Piano - Jack Briggs

Voice - James Knudsen

Brass - Eli Haines

Classical Guitar - Kaiya Hales

Woodwind - Finn Lihoreau

Contemporary Guitar - tbc

Drums - tbc