Dr Ben Biggs speaks to Computer Society

Former Student returns to speak with Computer Club

Date published: Thu 20 Dec 2018   Author: HLH   Category: Publicity   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

We were very pleased to welcome our inaugural speaker, former student Ben Biggs, who visited TBSHS and presented a session to enthusiastic students in the Computing Society.

Ben spoke about his work relating to tracking and reconstruction using artificial intelligence, with particular attention towards deriving 3D-shape and pose from animals and humans. He also showed off the new Microsoft Hololens, allowing some students to experience their first taste of augmented reality, which was an extraordinary experience.  The work Ben is doing for Microsoft is incredibly exciting and it will be interesting to see if Ben’s developing projects become a part of every-day life in the future.

The Society thanks Ben for his time and trouble, especially as he’s so busy.  The presentation worked well as a dry run for the International Computer Vision Conference in Perth, Australia where he flies on Friday.  Ben will be addressing 2,000 people at the conference - let’s hope they ask as interesting questions as our Society.

Freddie Jonas