Parents' eSafety presentation

How safe is your child online?

Date published: Mon 21 May 2018   Author: Mr Reeve   Category: Headteacher's Blog   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

Whether they are using the internet for social media, online gaming or for research, can you be confident that your child is taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe? How regularly and how effectively do you monitor your child's internet use, whether they're using a laptop, tablet, games console or their mobile phone?

Social media clearly plays a greater part in the lives of the vast majority of our students, than ever before. Identity theft, cyber-crime and online grooming are significant risks in their everyday lives, so it is all the more important that parents find out how best to keep their children safe online. We are delighted to be hosting eSaftey expert, Karl Hopwood, in school all day tomorrow (Tuesday). He will lead sessions with students all day and present to staff at the end of the day. In addition, he will be giving an eSafety presentation to parents in the main hall, 6-7pm, Tuesday 22nd May 2018. There are still some spaces available, so please contact the school office to book your place.

I have spoken in assemblies about the potential impact of developing a 'digital footprint' an individual might, one day, come to regret. I don't want our students to publish comments online without first considering the potential impacts of those comments and how they might make other people feel. Firstly, I want the students to model the important values we, as a school, hold dear and, secondly, once comments have been made they cannot be 'unmade', and may be referred back to in many years to come. Our general guidance to students is don't say anything online that you wouldn't be prepared to say in person or, indeed, want said about you.

Kind regards, Mr Reeve

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Parents E Safety Presentation Information

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