Darrin Disley PhD, to speak at the Jack Fielder Memorial Business Links Dinner

Dinner to be held on Wednesday 11th July 2018

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The Bishop’s Stortford High School Jack Fielder Memorial Business Links Dinner, will be held on Wednesday 11th July 2018, with drinks from 6.45pm and an opportunity to network with dinner at 7:30pm.

Our guest speaker will be Dr Darrin M Disley PhD, D.Sc. a Parallel Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Enterprise Champion.

Tickets are £25 and can be purchased online.

Buy Tickets here (link to purchase your ticket online)


The Path Less Travelled

My story is an improbable one. I was born into a poor family in the East End of London, where my father was an ex-convict and builder and my mother a meals-on-wheel lady and cleaner. I was told at age 13 that I was not good enough to study chemistry at O-Level and so went on to leave school at 16 with no formal qualifications in order to pursue first a career in professional football. Finding only moderate success with this, I went back for further education obtaining a BSc, PhD and DSc which eventually opened up a more rewarding career as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor educator and enterprise champion.

I have started, grown and/or invested in over 40 businesses, secured over $480 million of business financing from grant, angel, corporate, venture capital and public market sources as well as closing over $600 million of product, service, licensing and M&A deals. Three of these businesses failed and each of the successful ones have gone through difficult phases that required resilience, resourcefulness, reflection and a sense of reciprocity to overcome.

This talk will focus on successful entrepreneurial traits, mind-sets and motivations as well as highlighting my idea of a “Home Run” model of how to build a successful business that works for all stakeholders.  In addition, I will touch on the opportunities for scientists, engineers, mathematicians,  business majors and those interested in public policy to come together to solve major challenges of the world including: the composition, affordability and delivery of healthcare in light of an ageing population; the handling of extreme-scale, real-time data to address transport, logistics and security bottlenecks; the development of clean, renewable and sustainable energy to underpin future economic growth; and the securing, management and distribution of scarce resources within a growing global population.

Dr Darrin M Disley, Parallel Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Enterprise Champion