Last week's severe weather

Avoiding lost learning

Date published: Thu 8 Mar 2018   Author: Mr Reeve   Category: Headteacher's Blog   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

I'd like to thank students, staff and parents for their patience and understanding following our attempts to keep the school running as normal last week. The extreme weather conditions clearly caused much disruption around the country and required us to make some difficult decisions. In such cases, we will always aim to strike the correct balance, with the welfare of our school community being of utmost importance, but also wanting to avoid the negative impact on learning that any closure inevitably has. We monitored the conditions throughout each day and I was in close communication with the other Headteachers of the Bishop's Stortford Educational Trust (BSET) secondary schools, to achieve a coordinated approach.

We want our students to develop and display resilience, though this must also be tempered with pragmatism and common sense, so we appreciate the difficulties with transport that some of them faced. To help us manage future situations effectively, I would kindly ask all parents to resist the temptation of trying to contact their child during the school day, whether that be by phone or by arriving at the school in person, as this tends only to heighten anxiety and cause unnecessary alarm, which only makes the already challenging situation more difficult to manage. However, if in extremis, a personal circumstance arises that could impede your son/daughter returning home safely, please contact reception and we will endeavour to make appropriate arrangements. Students should have their phone turned off during the school day, unless a member of staff gives them specific permission to use it.

We will continue to communicate any actions or reactions to such severe weather via the school website, Twitter and the MyEd app. If you have any difficulty in accessing the MyEd app do please contact our IT support team on

Kind regards, Mr Reeve